Top Western Australian director Grant Sputore set for feature film debut with sci-fi thriller Mother

Grant-Sputore.jpgScreen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation and Screenwest have announced production investment funding for "Mother", a thought-provoking sci-fi thriller that brings a dark and electrifying edge to this unique mother-daughter story. Based on an original concept by West Australian based director Grant Sputore and writer Michael Lloyd Green, the script was one of the most sought after on the 2016 Black List.

Sputore, who is on the Scoundrel directing roster, is making his feature film debut with Mother. The movie tells the story of a lonely teenage girl known as Daughter, the first of a new generation of humans to be raised by Mother - a kindly robot designed to repopulate the earth after the extinction of mankind. Their unique bond is threatened when a blood-drenched woman (Drifter) inexplicably arrives at the bunker, begging for help.  Overnight the stranger calls into question everything Daughter has been told about the outside world and her Mother's intentions.
"From its inception this is a film that was intended to get people's hearts pounding and their brains firing, in equal measure," said director Grant Sputore. "Michael and I set out to create a screenplay that captures the excitement of the sci-fi thrillers we grew up watching, while exploring contemporary themes that would move, fascinate and enthrall audiences."

"With three female protagonists driving the central storyline and an emerging director who shows great promise at the helm, Mother was a chance for us to support a rare Australian sci-fi film with a unique and compelling concept," said Sally Caplan, Head of Production at Screen Australia. "It is a testament to the strength of this project that is has secured excellent Australian, New Zealand and international marketplace support, and we are confident it will prove to be a tremendous career opportunity for Grant Sputore and long-time collaborator producer Kelvin Munro."

Rising young Danish actress Clara Rugaard has been cast in the role of Daughter. The film is being represented by Mister Smith Entertainment and WME Global for international sales.

Spurore is the director of the highly awarded St John Ambulance "Break the Barrier" tvc.

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