Bec Brideson's Cannes Diary #3

Bec.jpgBed Brideson, Advisor, Speaker and Author, is sitting on the Cannes Glass Lions jury. Brideson is writing exclusively for Campaign Brief.

The 90's called - they want their sexism back.

You won't find me in the photo that AdAge ran this article with. I was really hoping we'd lose the dick jokes. See last article.

It was meant to be reverse irony that the women pick up the dude and objectify him.

I thought it was a tone deaf decision from my panel to art-direct this photo especially in a year when work that objectified women was disqualified.*sighs*
But hey - my lens on this stuff is so finely tuned because I spent the first twelve years of my career enduring it. Call me Serious Sally, but I reckon this stuff is sobering.

Our industry needs education on gender-intelligence or the females will stay fearless "girls" and we will have no fearless women leading.

#Fearlessgirl won the Glass Lion Grand Prix. It's a remarkable statue ( made out of BRONZE - just sayin' ) that stands opposite the Charging Bull on Wall Street and at 3 billion impressions it's undeniably an incredible piece of work. 

Even though I love it's tiny-sized-cute-little-feet to pieces, and was happy it got metal - you'll soon find out why the other gold for Tecate Beer, was the favourite piece I saw at Cannes Glass Lions this year.

The 3% Conference is coming to Australia in August 2017 - I invite all the wonderful men in this industry to join it. We live in an enlightened era and people, both male and female, deserve better. Any sexism belongs back in the 90's.


Account Circus said:

It takes a self-aware individual to pen a piece like this. While everyone is so caught up in visual diversity and representation, it seems that that's all it's become about - the visual. As long as you've got a certain quota of any kind of individual you're alright.

And while this image is very obviously not serious, the point being made by this piece is - you don't achieve equality through a role reversal - even though it might feel nice at the time :)

A woman's perspective said:

This piece makes me dislike feminism. Gerry Graf said some great things in his article and unlike the author, seems to have won enough awards to earn himself a seat at that table. Once we stop the witch hunt, the screaming, vilification and burning books, then can we have a real discussion about this. Calling out 'It's not fair, I am a woman' doesn't wash.

Luke said:

@"A woman's perspective" If a diversity of opinion makes you dislike feminism, you may not be cut out for it.
If you consider number of awards won the only criterion for having a seat on the jury you risk perpetuating the gender problem.
If you read the article as calling out 'it's not fair, I am a woman' then you haven't really engaged with it.
And on top of all that, your comment seems unnecessarily personal and nasty. IMHO.

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