13CABS appoints Thinkerbell as new agency

IMG_7274 (Custom) (1).jpgLaunching earlier last month, THINKERBELL has announced today that its foundation client is 13CABS, the consumer facing brand of Cabcharge, one of Australia's largest companies.

13CABS plays a significant role in Australia's transportation infrastructure, responsible for almost half of the taxis on our roads in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
Says Stuart Overell (pictured above left) - chief operating officer 13CABS: "I'm pleased to welcome the THINKERBELL team on board, we've got some fantastic stuff in the pipeline and we can't wait to help build this great brand together."

Says Jim Ingram (above, right), creative founder of THINKERBELL: "13CABS is a brilliant business. We've been brought in to help build the entire brand, from Driver recruitment right through to consumer facing coms. And as we understand more about the role 13CABS actually plays in the lives of regular Australians, the more we want people to realise that cabs are a part of the fabric of our community."

Says Liz Attia, head of marketing at 13CABS: "I've worked with Jim, Cuz and Adam for several years, and love the energy and behaviour change focus of THINKERBELL and their 'Measured Magic'."

The appointment starts immediately.


JW said:

Well done, fellas.

Big challenge but an even bigger opportunity.

. said:


Congrats Clems said:

Well done Jim, Cuz and Adam. Let's hope this is the first of many.

Steve Callen said:

Well done, chaps.

Wow. said:

And silly, silly, silly me never thought that taxis were part of the fabric of our community.

Congrats said:

The first client is always the hardest.

However, I just really cannot get past what an awful name 'thinkerbell' is. Every time I see it it is actually getting worse.

Love said:

Hi Congrats - you're a dick.
A passive agressive dick.
PS I Iove the name Thinkerbell and the fact you hate it means it's probably strong as it evokes a reaction. Better than 'Bland, Bland and Blander'

Uber Tough Brief said:

Doing a campaign for the taxi industry sounds like one of those impossible theoretical briefs from Gruen.

I look forward to seeing if it's truly possible to do something believable and convincing.

Love bote said:

Hey Love. You sound like Adan Ferrier with that psychology attack. Passive aggressive? I think that person was making their feelings known. Don't be so sensitive. I am not a fan of the name. And agree with Congrats. So am I passive aggressive too? Maybe it would be improved if you called yourselves 13THINKERBELL

Gil said:

Big challenges lead to big ideas - well done guys and good luck (i'm sure you three have some magic up your sleeves!)

Ok? said:

Cuz, have you changed your hair?

Mum said:

hi love Bot is that you?? I'd know you anywhere. Surely you're beyond anonymous comments?

Think said:

I'm with love. It's just a puff piece announcing new business. Congrats and Love Bote's comments feel out of place here. Who would have an axe to grind here. Could they be the same person? Surely not?

love to hate said:


Lovers gonna love said:

Love these guys,

Love their work and their enthusiasm and their positivity.

Would love nothing better than for them to do exceptionally well.

One down said:

I hope they pitch for the Middle East Peace process next.
Or the Iraqi tourist board.

They need the same sort of big thinking...

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