Carlton Dry launches 'The Underthink Tank' in latest campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

UnderthinkTank.jpgClemenger BBDO Melbourne and Carlton United Breweries have launched a new brand campaign for Carlton Dry, called 'Underthink It'.

Based on the insight that our increasingly busy and complicated lives have resulted in a tendency to overthink the little things - from what to wear, what food to order, even which beer to drink - Carlton Dry hopes to stop beer lovers from sweating the small stuff and get back to having fun.

To do this the campaign introduces the Underthink Tank, a crack team of 'Underthinkers' who solve life's most overthought problems, including what to order on a menu, what to do if you forget someone's name and whether to give someone a handshake or a hug, all from within a giant, keg shaped headquarters. 

Says Evan Roberts, executive creative director, Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne: "In this increasingly complicated world, Carlton Dry offers us simplicity. Smooth, refreshing simplicity." 

Says Paul Reason, head of contemporary brands at Carlton United Breweries: "We haven't had a big communication campaign on Carlton Dry for a few years. We are very excited to bring Underthink It to the market because we think it is highly relevant & will resonate strongly with our target audience."

The campaign launches with multiple 30" and 15" TVCs. It also extends across radio, social, on-premise and festival activity, plus a national consumer promotion in partnership with Shazam.

Agency:  Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
Creative Chairman:  James McGrath
Executive Creative Director: Evan Roberts, Stephen de Wolf
Senior Creatives:  Adam Barnes, Jonty Bell, Nick Jamieson
Shopper Creative Lead: Nick Jamieson
Executive Producer: Sonia Von Bibra
Senior Producers: Lauren Anderson and Lisa Moro  
Group Account Director: Adam Kennedy
Project Director: Alicia Lowndes
Project Manager: Caroline Scott
Business Manager: Luke Slater
Planning Director: Mike Derepas
Digital Planning Director: Neville Doyle

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Alex Roberts
Managing Director/EP: Corey Esse
Producer: Kate Merrin 
DOP: Matt Toll
Prod Designer: Lucinda Thomson
Editor: Michael Houlahan
Colourist: Martin Greer  
Online: Jamie Scott
Post House: The Institute of Post Production & FINCH VFX
Sound House: Flagstaff Studios
Sound Engineer: Paul Le Couteur

Client: Carlton United Breweries
VP Marketing: Richard Oppy
Head of Contemporary Brands: Paul Reason
Brand Manager: Paige Dawes


Credits? said:

Any credits?

Nope. said:


Shane-o. said:

I thought for a second Clems had have finally done something decent for CUB.

Then I pressed play.

Overthinking it? said:

Relevance to product?

wow said:

Genuinely don't get it

Wha? said:

I choose to believe there was an ok idea once... Buried deep beneath the committee clusterf*ck displayed here.

Nonsensical. What button is he pressing? And the 3D is shonky as.

The real message said:

"Underthink" your beer choices, or you probably won't choose ours.

Money well spent said:

I wonder how many planning sessions, creative brainstorms and client reviews it took to get here. It's pretty weak.

That being said knowing the Carlton Dry audience, they'll probably love it given they're habitual underthinkers.

WTF said:

...I will underthink my trip home and drink drive.

...I will underthink my night out and bash some guy.

Not like Australia needs anymore idiots. We got em covered.

Ad Warrior said:

I actually think it's really clever & will roll out to be a terrific campaign for CD.
Good job Clems, again.

@ 'how very ROAM' said:

That article is 5 weeks old. If you think that they saw it and put together a TV campaign in that time you are a fricking idiot.

The Real-G said:

I think you lot are overthinking it.

Funny set of ads - feels like a bigger platform...
and given beer's pretentious upswing these days, i reckon the strat is bang on.

@ @ How very ROAM said:

If you work at this agency, and didn't google your own line. You're an idiot.

Men of the square table said:

Such a poor attempt at ripping off the great Miller Lite Man Law campaign

Social Geek said:

The only thing more upsetting than the unoriginal nature of these ads is that they published them (with paid spend) on social channels without optimising the assets for Facebook. VERTICAL VIDEO IS A THING PEOPLE. Whoever is doing their social needs to lift.

I quite like it said:

Not going to set Cannes on fire, but the strategy feels spot on to me. For the Carlton Dry audience, I reckon this is going to do a good job.

VFX guy said:

Send me the plates for your opening shot. We'll fix it for you.

The Mood of The Meeting said:

So that's a conclusive Thumbs-Down then.

Duopoloy said:

Are Finch and Revolver the only production companies working in Australia these days?

Post said:

That post VFX work is EMBARRASSING!

I'm sorry... said:

...but this is a really good example of why a production company putting a few macs in a room and calling itself a VFX company is not cool. Really poor quality work.

Matte painting nightmares said:

Stuff the creative! What about that god awful execution????? Ripping off agencies of good post craft will only hurt you and your brand. Leave it to the professionals. We are here for a reason.

@ Duopoloy said:

Yep. Pretty much.

nnnnnngage said:

That link to Junkee and Roam may look 'awkward' but it looks to me like a tagline with no tangible link to a larger campaign - even if googled. Sure the idea seems a little close to Man Law but it's an entirely different execution and tone altogether. This is a typical beer ad that looks to be a good fit for its target.

Ghost walker said:

Seriously fire your advertising team! Most stupid ad on t.v to date....!

Tiffany said:

'Simplify lives'? Who are you kidding? This ad is designed to appeal to the generation that believes they deserve everything for doing nothing. Go on! Keep reinforcing the idea that no effort is required- this ad company is proactively promoting the demise of our society. Hope you have a great super fund cause the younger gen are not to going to be putting enough effort into supporting themselves let alone paying enough tax to support the older generation.

Oh and PS they won't have worked hard enough to have enough money to buy the products you advertise.

But it won't be 'their fault'.

Great work reinforcing the 'success' of being a 'loser'!

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