90 Seconds' Daniel Littlepage on how the sharing economy is transforming video production

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAlQAAAAJGVmNzYyNmE2LWE4NDctNDk5Ni04YmRhLWUxMzVhNWM5ODk4OA.jpgBy Daniel Littlepage (left), managing director Australia, 90 Seconds

New cloud technologies and the sharing economy are shaking up the way brands produce engaging video content. Until recently, the cost of producing video for use on social media was a time intensive and a costly process. Brands used to have only three main options in order to produce video content - engage a production agency, engage a creative or media agency or invest in hiring an internal team of directors, writers and editors. All three options shared a common problem of expense and the process was cumbersome.
But, the dramatic growth in the 'on-demand' economy combined with cloud advancements has given brands and their agencies a new way of connecting with video creative professionals including videographers, directors, editors, producers, animators, drone operators and photographers. Using the latest cloud tools is essential if you're looking to streamline the video production process and turnaround projects faster and cheaper than ever before.

Freelance marketplace

The sharing economy and cloud based video production marketplaces, such as 90 Seconds enable easy discovery of more than 16,000 video creative professionals in over 104 countries across 40 categories. Instantly, brands have access to creatives that have been vetted and given comprehensive performance ratings with transparency of gear available. Brands can price match creators and have control over building the right team for their shoot.

Production in the cloud

For brands, it's never been this affordable or easy before. Business, marketing and social teams are able to liaise with their chosen creatives and purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review professional videos online or from a mobile device. Cloud templates for every step in the process help strip back the complexity of video production, giving companies and agencies access to an automated, comprehensive workflow tools. Brands can manage video production, communicate with their team and enjoy the ease of one-click publishing.

Streamline costs of shooting across multiple locations

Working with a cloud based video production marketplace means brands can shoot anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. For example, Uber recently shot a television commercial in 36 locations, across eight countries to ensure customers in Paris, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Edinburgh, Warsaw and Brussels saw recognisable local landmarks.  In less than 12 days, Uber produced near-identical videos localised for each market by shooting in multiple locations, that were then edited centrally through the 90 Seconds platform to streamline costs. This meant Uber could ensure consistency of branding and quality without the cost of hiring production teams in every market around the globe.

Rapid turnaround

Challenger recently decided to invest in a video package to communicate news on the recent Federal Budget to its advisers across Australia and released a video in just 7 hours.

"Video is the fastest medium to use to ensure our advisers across Australia have the information on the Budget they need to make decisions and liaise with their clients. In the past, we would produce written analysis and send out emails, but with the fast turnaround available with 90 Seconds we were able to film through the night and be first to market with the analysis," explains Chloe Harvey, marketing coordinator, Challenger.

A massive 300 hours of video is being uploaded every minute on Youtube and Snapchat and Facebook account for 14 billion video views every day. And it's predicted that by 2019, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video. Brands across all industries need to find ways to ease the cost and complexity of producing video to continue to attract and engage customers.

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