Dave says pie was 'not bad' in the latest 'Good Different' TV spot from ALDI via BMF Australia

ALDI Good Different Dave1 (1).jpgALDI's success in Australia has been built on listening to what shoppers want. Long before Woolworths introduced customer reviews ALDI Testers Club was inviting shopper feedback and using it to develop better quality products.

As part of the Good Different brand platform ALDI is launching a 30-second TV ad via BMF, to tell Australians that - good or bad - their opinions matter. The ad stars Dave - a man of few words and even fewer superlatives. When Dave says something is 'not bad' the world knows that it is in fact incredible.

Agency: BMF
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley        
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Associate Creative Director: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason
Art Directors: Rosita Rawnsley-Mason and Nadia Ahmad
Copywriters: Tom Johnson and Millicent Malcolm
Designer: Matthew Hughes
Executive Planning Director: Christina Aventi
Head of Planning: Hugh Munro          
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Group Account Director: Toby Hussey
Account Director: Hayley Basham
Agency Producer: Jenny Lee Archer         
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Cindy Kavanagh
Executive Producers: Loren Bradley and Edward Pontifex
Managing Partner: Wilf Sweetland
Post Production: Arc Edit (offline) and Alt VFX (grade/online)         
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Photographer: Gavin Johns
Art Buyer: Basir Salleh
Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Germain McMicking


Dave said:

Not bad

Dave said:

Not bad

DK. said:


Groucho said:

It is indeed not bad. But with 24 people in the credits that's a lot of tissues.

Not bad? said:

Love it.

Joe J said:

Nice one, love it!

Been Done Before said:

Derivative. But not bad.

Fan said:

Been done many times and better.

Conflicted said:

As someone with many reasons to dislike the people who came up with this, I saw this on TV the other night and it brought a smile to my face.

Well done. Pricks.

Familiar said:

Reminds me of 'Becky's not drinking tonight' by Redsuit. Not bad, though!

hmmm said:

not bad. but as in it isn't bad. but it's not good either.

expect more from aldi, and definitely a lot more from ayson.

Jason said:

This is terrific.

Dave said:

Not bad.

coral price said:

Love this ad.... a beauty!

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