Former Facebook Creative Shop's Wade Kuhn launches new creative agency Mister Mischief

MM.jpgFormer Facebook creative pioneer Wade Kuhn has opened a new creative agency, Mister Mischief, as a partner to established PR company Missy Mischief PR (owned by Wades' wife Amanda Kuhn).

Kuhn has two decades of experience in the digital creative advertising industry. Most recently he spent the last 5 years employed at Facebook where he was the founding member of the 'Facebook Creative Shop' in APAC.
Mister Mischief is a full service creative agency that specialises in social media marketing and multi-platform strategic creative campaigns.

Kuhn has extensive experience working with leading brands and agencies across the UK and Australia, most recently winning a Smarties award for his successful P&G Nice 'n Easy campaign 'The Greys are Here' and a Cannes Lion for 'The Tough Sell' Volkswagen campaign in collaboration with DDB Sydney.

Mister Mischief has already worked on creating successful integrated social and PR campaigns, alongside Missy Mischief, for clients PetSafe and iFLY Indoor Skydiving. As well as adapting and producing bespoke, multilingual APAC content for Facebook's marketing division as part of Facebook and Instagram's global brand campaign.

In addition, Kuhn has been engaged as a keynote speaker at various conferences around the globe sharing his internal Facebook expertise and advice on creative best practice when advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information or to get in contact with Mister Mischief or Wade Kuhn go to


Nice One Mr. Kuhn said:

I have had the pleasure to work with Wade in the past - he is a great talent. Congratulations Wade (and Amanda)...power couple!

Neighbour Nick said:

Well done Wade! Wishing you every success!

Wade Kuhanusen Wood said:

I worked with Wade for many years at The FARM Digital and learnt so much from both him and Amanda. I'll be watching Mister Mischief with a keen eye!

Brett Rolfe said:

Excellent news indeed. I look forward to some amazing work sir!

Really said:

Never heard of this guy, or his wife, or any of the work on this link (Tough Sell idea was DDB's)..... so why am I reading this?

Industry said:

Time for something newsworthy

wind beneath my wings said:

What's nice about working with a tech company's 'creative' resource is their access to the tech company. Without that, it comes down to the quality of the 'creative'. And this is, well......

One to watch! said:

Well done Mr. Kuhn. I have had the pleasure of working with you over the years and witness your creative mind in action. There is a lot of jealousy in this industry (a couple of the comments above prove that!) but you are a true gentleman of industry and an incredibly talent. I wish you all the best (and will definitely be using your agency!)

Mr Music said:

I have worked with Wade on multiple campaigns within the Music space over the past 5 years.
On all occasions his creative brilliance and out of the box thinking has been a critical element to our campaigns and been the backbones to our creative roll outs.
Highly recommend Mr Mischeif!

Steve said:

Wade- great job! Your have always had a creative flare and awesome talent! Really good job! Your hard work has paid off!

Tia said:

I'm a client of Wade's and have to say what an amazing journey it has been for our firm. He has brought spades of expertise and professionalism second to none. Thank you and we look forward to many more projects together.

Terry O said:

Great job Wade. You'll be unstoppable. Still have very fond memories of working with you on the Empire Lounge campaign... now THAT was a band! What happened to them?

Skeed said:

What a recipe for success.
Two incredibly talented, dedicated & experienced bodies to gel a machine that's sure to deliver & polish their clients deservedly.
Awesome stuff Wade! Your experience, let alone your imagination & tact have no boundaries mate. Look forward to working with you again.

REM said:

Sounds like a team to be reckoned with! Having worked with Wade, I know the creativity and talent he brings to the table. Well done, mate. Only great things to come!

Rosie said:

Nice one Wade! One of the most consistently creative people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Facebook's loss is a big win for the rest of us.

LB said:

Wade is an exceptionally talented creative who thinks outside the box and goes the extra mile. He applies passion, drive and diligence to his work and consistently delivers a high standard of work which fulfills the brief and is on deadline. He's also got a wicked sense of humour and is an all 'round top bloke! Congratulations on your exciting new venture Wade, we have no doubt it's destined to be a great success!

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