New VW Golf campaign via DDB Sydney brings childhood dreams of the future to life

image001.jpgVolkswagen has released a new Golf campaign, via DDB Sydney, that takes us back to our child hood dreams of what we imagined the future might look like.
The new Australian campaign centres around the global Volkswagen framework 'We make the future real', celebrating the brand's innovative and industry-leading technology.
Says Ben Wilks, general manager of marketing, Volkswagen: "Golf is the iconic small hatch and continues to set the standard for innovation and first to market technologies.

image002.jpg"The Golf 7.5 brings Gesture Control, Driver Personalisation, a new level of advanced safety and a more powerful entry level 110TSI engine. Our resolve to make the future real is made tangible by this, the world's best small car."
The campaign's TVC, produced with Goodoil Films and director JH Beetge, is an 80's throwback with a futuristic vibe.
Says Jade Manning, creative partner, DDB Sydney: "When we were young, we dreamed of what the future would look like. Virtual reality, cars that flew, all of that. We took that idea to the new Golf campaign, looking at the 'making the future real' concept through the lense of a child and featuring the 80's gaming and futuristic icons we all grew up with.
image005.jpg"We can all relate to being a kid and being fascinated with futuristic things, and what's really cool is that for this kid his dreams do come true in adulthood with his Golf."
The TVC goes hand in hand with a virtual reality (VR) 360 degree film that will be featured on social media platforms and in selected dealerships. VR has only been integrated with TV in this way on a few occasions in Australia, complementing the campaign by allowing the user to step inside the creative.

DDB Sydney
Chief Creative Officer - Ben Welsh
Creative Partners - Vincent Osmond and Jade Manning
Art Director - Trong Ronakiat
Copywriter - Shane Geffen
Managing Director - Nicole Taylor
Managing Partner - Mandy Whatson
Business Director - Lisa Little-Cain
Business Executive - Catherine Cumming
Head of TV Integrated content - Sevda Cemo
Senior Producer - Tash Johnson
Planning Partner - Graham Sweet
Volkswagen Australia
General Manager Marketing - Ben Wilks
Marketing Communications Manager - Rowena Kanna
Brand Communications Manager - Julia Reimnitz

Production Company - Goodoil Films
Director - JH Beetge
Executive Producer- Sam Long
Producer - Chana McLallen
Editor - The Editors/David Whittaker
Colorist - Billy Wychegel
VFX - Alt VFX - TVC & 360
Producer - Tyron Estephan
Animation - New Holland - Animation
Sound and Music - Sonar Music
Sound Designer: Timothy Bridge
Composers: Nicholas Routledge and Matteo Zingales 
Producer - Anwyn Watkins


Phil said:

Sorry, but this is one of the worst VW ads I think Australia has ever produced. Instantly forgettable.

same shots. same insight said:

even the same hair colour.

please at least try to do something different.

amazed again.

Struth said:

...thought this was some sort of re-purposed piece of Euro-trash! Sad - a nice juicy budget wasted again

Dan said:

I see the trolls are out in full force this morning. Lame washed out has-beens.
Forget them. The 360 video in particular is really good. Well done.

God help us said:

That was extremely average. Not sure what happened there, but it wasn't good.

Credit where credits due said:

This is crap. Sorry. Lame. @dan it is not trolling if its plainly obvious to EVERYONE watching them. The 360 VR is ESPECIALLY crap.

Great pictures said:

Beautifully shot, well done JH.

Bury it! said:

Let's never speak of this again.

Sweet said:

Agree with Dan. While it won't bother the awards judges, this sort of product is miles ahead of what the other car brands are doing right now.

People are dicks said:

This is a beautiful spot. Why don't you haters go spend your time on something more productive like trolling A Current Affair

Axes said:

God, i can't hear a thing in here. Could you all pause the Axe grinding for a moment. Bloody vile creatures.

Nicely shot and the 360 is pretty cool.

Tom said:

This just popped up on my facebook. It's quite beautiful.

Tim said:

What's going on? Surely the great creative dept at DDB could have come up with a much better idea than this in half a day. I know they could. So who is letting the local client waste money by replicating an terrible ad done overseas? Australia deserves better than this.

And yes, it's well shot , but it's still a crap script. That's not trolling. It's a fact.

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