McDonald's speaks to its heartland in newly launched family campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 7.04.07 am.jpgMcDonald's Australia is speaking to its heartland, families, in its latest campaign via DDB Sydney launched during State of Origin last night.

The new "Made for Family" campaign acknowledges what it's like to be a parent in this day and age.

Says Jo Feeney, marketing director, McDonald's Australia: "McDonald's, at its heart, is all about families and this campaign is about celebrating real family life in Australia. As a brand we play a role in making life a little easier at times, we can empathise with parents as they navigate the day to day. Made for Family is core to what Macca's stands for."

Says Nicole Taylor, managing director, DDB Sydney: "We're really proud of the collaborative and long standing relationship that DDB and McDonald's have. This campaign is the newest product in that fantastic partnership, and takes the focus back to McDonald's heartland.

"We know being a parent can be hard, particularly during times of upheaval. But McDonald's can be a little sanctuary in all that chaos."

Says Fran Clayton, chief strategy officer, DDB Sydney: "This campaign is a little empathetic nod to parents everywhere - celebrating modern day Australian families and their everyday lives, contrasting moments of stress with moments of ease and familiarity. It's empathetic and authentic.

"McDonald's is a storytelling brand, a feel good brand - not just another food retailer."

CMO Jenni Dill
Director of Marketing Jo Feeney Group Brand Manager Elise Sproll Brand Manager Amanda Belz Marketing Intern Tammy Troung

CCO Ben Welsh
Creative Partners Sian Binder Dave Govier
Creative Partners Vince Osmond Jade Manning
Managing Director Nicole Taylor
Group Account Director Lisa Hauptmann
Business Director Andrew Inman
Strategist Fran Clayton, Caroline Ghatt, Anna Bollinger
Head of Integrated Content Sevda Cemo
Lead Senior Producer Tania Jeram

Production Company: FINCH
Director Patrick Hughes
Managing Director Corey Esse
Producer Kate Merrin
DOP: Jeremy Rouse

Post Production
Editor: Adam Wills, Adam Wills
Colourist Trish Cahill, The Refinery
Flame Operator: Drew Downes, The Refinery
Producer Amelia Bromley, The Refinery

Creative engineer Nat Joyce Rumble Studios
Producer Sharika Toth Rumble Studios
Music Supervisor Karl Richter Level Two Music
Publishing Company Universal Music Publishing
Record Company Universal Music Australia
Song: Everywhere by Ida Redig


Thumbs in the Air said:

Beautiful story.

Rose Gower said:

Love this ad. Think the soundtrack is awesome and love how its different from all other food brands.

Great pictures said:

Nicely done chaps. Track is awesome

Wat said:

Must be tough moving into a $3 million terrace house in Richmond...

unhappy meal said:

Saddest story i've ever seen. not lovin it.

@wat said:

Money doesn't but happiness. But it buys happy meals.

Lovely said:

That's the heart of the Happy Meal right there.

Story could have been anything where a kid needs a bit of cheering up, but this one is lovely and well told.

A very nice ad. Thank fuck. There's a lot of pap out there.

Groucho said:

McDonalds is not "all about family" it's about obesity, type two diabetes, and malnutrition.

The Contrarian said:

Middle-of-the-road mediocrity.

Not sure said:

It got me in at the beginning but felt flat at the end. Pictures are nice, not sure on the music.

Solid. said:

Putting my options of the McDonalds Brand aside, this is a beautifully executed

Lol. Nice work DDB employees. said:

"Beautiful story."

"Love this ad. Think the soundtrack is awesome and love how its different from all other food brands."

"That's the heart of the Happy Meal right there.

Story could have been anything where a kid needs a bit of cheering up, but this one is lovely and well told.

A very nice ad. Thank fuck. There's a lot of pap out there."

Pappy said:

Ya know what Skippy?

I'm Lovely, from above.

And I don't work at DDB. In fact, I never have.

So why don't you be a good chap and fuck off?

Other people may actually have different opinions to you.

:( said:

So McDonald's solves kids depression? This is brand damaging on all levels.
I choked up for the wrong reason.

McDonalds, please don't get sucked into your agencies 'emotional engagement' BS.

I thought it was an ad for Kids Helpline. Sooo depressing. Sooo sad. Soo DDBad.

BL said:

Top shelf!

Can we all please get our heads out of our arses? said:

I have a 5 year old daughter. Happy meals make her happy.

She doesn't get them often, because like everyone we know that they're not healthy. Maybe once a month. They're a treat.

They also don't solve her big problems in life (fortunately, she doesn't have any). But the fact is, Happy Meals make her happy.

No one is saying that this solves kid depression, for fuck sake. No one is telling you to feed it to your kids until they're too fat to walk and have to jab themselves with insulin between cheeseburgers.

McDonalds has an ad agency. Their job is to help McDonalds sell McDonalds. That's what they appear to be doing.

If you have a kid, you'll see the simple little truth in this nicely told story.

Oh yeah - I don't work for DDB. I work for M&C. Believe me, don't believe me, I don't give a shit.

Ddb'd said:

It's weird and crap. In a sort of why are they moving way? It certainly stands out. But so dos the nutter in every carriage

the hamburglar said:

What a little nugget of a piece. Nice work.
The 60 is good but feel like the 30 could have been cut better.

DDB debate said:

Comments thread once again a collision of ex-DDB and current DDB employees having a go. Comments need to be made with a sign in system for true and fair commentary.

Cynic said:

I didn't want to like it - or anything suggesting Maccas is the solution to an unhappy kid.... but.... as a new dad, definitely got me in the feels. Nice one DDB

Paul S said:

@ DDB debate, nope I've never worked at DDB but you've just given everyone a good insight into the culture of the place. Sounds like a terrible and depressing place to work from your pov. It's reflective in the work. So depressing. Maybe the entire staff need a few happy meals? 😀

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