Ohio man accidentally tweets Irish agency Rothco about his pants and their response is hilarious

8308c5acf353c89efc9f2419c33c6c0e.jpgAussie expat copywriter Anthony Ortuso tells CB about a man from Ohio who accidentally tweeted a complaint about his pants to his creative agency, Dublin-based Rothco (@rothco) rather than the intended American clothes manufacturer (@RothcoSupport). In a rapid response, Rothco took the subject of ill-fitting pants very seriously, launching a full campaign for poor Andy.

Within a day of accidentally receiving the tweet from Andy they had organised a radio campaign to run on his local radio station in Ohio, composed a charity song and made a music video, and just last night took over a billboard in his local town centre.

LISTEN TO THE SPOT - Pants For Andy.wav
Rothco-pantsforandy-1.jpgRothco-pantsforandy-2.jpgSays Stephen Rogers, creative director: "The agency had been looking for an important cause to get behind, then Andy's pants fell into our lap."

Says John McMahon, creative director: "Everyone deserves pants that fit. It's a basic human right."

Says Shane O'Brien, creative director: "This is a trans-continental pants crisis."

Says Barry Smith, art director: "Ill-fitting pants is the uncomfortable issue nobody wants to talk about. Until now." Rothco-pantsforandy-5.jpg


John said:

This idea is pants.

That's a whole lotta effort said:

...for an incredibly average gag.

Jenna said:

You're the best Anto

Angus said:

Ortuso, awesome.

Umm said:

That awkward moment when a joke that isn't even funny keeps getting told.

So this is what we are now? said:

Ad people.

Used to sit on the boards of Chev and Coke to help make the big decisions.

Now, clowns. And like the clown, who is always crying on the inside, that's just sad.

So...some Schmo makes a mistake... said:

And you use that to publicly embarrass him for getting a twitter handle wrong?
And you think that's clever?
Worse still, funny?
F@#*ing children.
No wonder clients think we're a bunch of tools...

Geez said:

some of you sound fun to work with

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