Amarok V6 uses its competitive advantage in demonstration campaign via DDB Sydney

VW_Still02.jpgCB Exclusive - It's not often that an automotive brand has an outright advantage over its competitors, but this is exactly the case with the Volkswagen Amarok V6 ute. At 33kW more powerful than any other ute in its class, the new Amarok V6 has grunt to spare.

So, instead of simply throwing all sorts of numbers around, DDB set out to see what they could actually do with the extra 33kW of power. Turns out it was quite a lot.

"With the Overboost feature, the Amarok V6 puts down 180kW of power, which is way
ahead of the competition," says Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Marketing Manager Nicholas Reid. "The challenge to our agency DDB Sydney in creating our new campaign was to translate that into something meaningful to the audience."

"With the help of some talented people and some pretty impressive machinery, we brought the Amarok's 33kW difference to life - turning that intangible difference in power into something people can relate to," says DDB Sydney Managing Partner Amanda Wheeler.

"This campaign is about demonstrating just how much extra power the Amarok V6 has, in a way that feels fresh and consistent with the attitude we had already set up for the Amarok in previous campaigns."

Agency - DDB Sydney
Ben Welsh - Chief Creative Officer
Jade Manning - Creative Partner
Vince Osmond - Creative Partner
Jeff Galbraith - Copywriter
Richard Apps - Art Director
Amanda Wheeler - Managing Partner
Astrid Noble - Senior Business Director
Graham Sweet - Planning Partner
Sevda Cemo - Head of Integrated Content
Tash Johnson - Senior Broadcast Producer

Production Company - Scoundrel Films
Director - Mike Daly
Executive Producer - Adrian Shapiro
Producer - Julianne Shelton
Post Production - The Editors
Editor - Ryan Boucher
Colourist - Andrew Clarkson
VFX - Heather Galvin & Matt Edwards
Producer - Daniel Fry
Sound Production - Song Zu
Sound Engineer - Simon Kane
Music Composition - Ramesh Sathiah
Executive Producer - Katrina Aquilia
Media Agency - PHD

Marketing Manager - Nick Reid/Ralph Beckmann
Product Marketing Manager - James Thompson
Retail and Digital Communications Manager - Nathan Johnson


Ute-iful said:

This is awesome.

The Contrarian said:

It's everything the Pajero spot isn't.

An actual product differentiation (reason to purchase) demonstrated memorably.

It's not that hard.

Wait, what's this? said:

A smart ute ad? Bravo!

mike said:

Yep. Really good.

Braaaaap! said:

That must have been a fun shoot.

Dadi said:


Missy said:

Meh. Forgettable.

Who is commenting on this...?

LOL said:

Clearly the same person!

my guess said:

@Missy ..its the production company

No naked ute said:

Did the suits and planners sneak into the creative department again?

Um said:

Am I missing something or is this a retail spot on a dirt track?
Is this what passes for an idea now?

that's an ad said:


nice craft. shit creative.

@my guess said:

Spot on. I hate that shit. Like a bunch of comments will make creative people see passed a shit idea

Realist said:

This is the problem with the advertising industry: you all whinge when a retail ad targeting tradespeople is simple and effective. Not every ad is destined to win an award – some of them actually increase sales. Pull your heads of out your asses and go write some damn ads, or quit your job and go be an artist.

Einstein said:

This is anything but simple.

Missy said:

@Realist Explain just how this ad is targeted towards tradespeople? Categorically, the Amarok is, as a product - but this misses the mark. Don't know of many of tradies that need that extra oomph to zip around a closed course on their way to work.

Something missing said:

Surely with such a simple proposition you could have put an idea into this spot?

Nothing missing said:

The idea seems pretty clear to me. They made vehicles with their competitive edge.

Jealous much? said:

A clear simple product demonstration is an idea. This is very clear. My guess is that once again CB drags out the talentless to have a pop at work they could only dream of making. It's ok to be jealous. It's rather sad that this jealousy has to be manifested in such a bitter way.

Nice one said:

Nice work guys. Fun spot.

Yep yep said:

So much better than all that lifestyle crap ute crap out there. "I'm a tradie. I need a hard working ute, but also something that allows me cut loose on weekends." Queue dog, pie, high-vis and then... a boat.

@Yep yep & my guess said:

Your sentiments are spot on.

Not so your spelling;

It's Cue, not Queue.

It's past, not passed.

There's a big difference.

You look like a twat on a blog when you struggle with basic English.

@@Yep yep & my guess said: said:
Ad critic said:

The naked ute just for defiled

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