Birds Eye Deli unveils new 'We prep. You cook' campaign via J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne

BE_Deli_PRStills_1920X1080_LR_DiamondCutter (1).jpgThe delicate, step by step craft of transforming the humble potato to a Birds Eye Deli chip is explored through six different worlds, in a new campaign going live this week developed by J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne.

The 'We prep. You cook' campaign introduces a new brand platform for the premium Birds Eye Deli chip range, showcasing the key steps of making the product through a series of unusual characters. From potato beautifiers and a Topiarist, to an eccentric chip cutter and a mountaineer reminiscent of Edmund Hilary in the Arctic, each were chosen for their unique skillset, and pictured in an equally unique environment.

BE_Deli_PRStills_1920X1080_LR_Explorer (1).jpgSays Jess Lilley, CD, J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne: "We wanted to develop a creative platform for Deli that shifts people's perceptions of the frozen food aisle. The concept of 'prep' moves the conversation to one of choice over convenience. With Simon Harsent directing, we were able to beautifully execute our pride in the creation BE_Deli_PRStills_1920X1080_LR_Washers (1).jpgof a bloody tasty chip."

Under Harsent's creative eye, the team created six, movie-like sets for each of the characters. Shot at Fox Studios, they all featured 7m by 3m hanging backdrops that were propped out mid ground with working mechanical sets. This created depth within the dioramas and gave each scene an added level of craft and quality. The music was also composed with the same care; layering sounds to create a rhythmic soundscape, marching the piece to life. One ton of dirt and 320 potatoes were used to create the finished product.

BE_Deli_PR_DiamondCutterOOH-1 (1).jpgSays Suzanne Harman, marketing GM, Birds Eye: "We really loved collaborating with JWT to bring the 'We prep. You cook.' story to life. It really dials up the attention we put into each step of the process, and enabled us to make heroes out of every day cooks."

'We prep. You cook.' Comprises 1 x 30sec TVC, 1 x 15sec TVC, plus POS, OOH and social all live from this week.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Kieran Antill
Creative Director: Jess Lilley
Senior Creative: Katie Moore
Senior Creative: Nicholas Sellars
Senior Designer: Jess Van De Vlierd
Senior Planner: Brigitte Bayard
Group Account Director: Jessica Johnson
Account Manager: Emma Rutherford-Ward
Producer: Sandi Gracin

Production Company: The POOL COLLECTIVE
Director: Simon Harsent
Executive Producer: Cameron Gray
Producer: Ian Ford
Director of Photography: Simon Ozolins
Music: Declan Harsent
Art Director: Jamie Morris
Wardrobe: Janai Anselmi
Post Production: Dave Whittaker, The Editors

Client: Birds Eye
Brand Manager: Laine Birnbaum
Marketing Communications Manager: Evonne Williams
Marketing Communications and Branding Manager: Justin Taylor
General Manager, Marketing: Suzanne Harman

Media: Initiative


Andy said:

Like this! Almost as much as I love chips

Not Buying It said:

Seriously, do we disregard consumer's intelligence that much that we think we can get away with pretending these chips are made with anything other than a cursory glance at the factory floor?

Simplot failing to keep it simple.

ScenesByDean said:

Simon this looks amazing. Great to share in your vision.

@Not Buying said:

you're an idiot.

The Brutal Truth said:

Unfortunately both @Not Buying it and his opposite @@Not Buying simultaneously discover the dilemma we face in advertising.

Of course chips (and all mass-market foods) are made in industrial quantities in vast vats, processed through massive machines and pooped out by large scale production lines.

However, it's the role of advertising to romanticise this to make the consumer think the very opposite.

Our role is to apply various levels of bullshit to make the product appealing.

This advert is a very good example of this, and is beautifully realised.

I say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I did, and I'm all the better for it.

Goldie said:

Beats the living fuck out of the birds.

just sayin' said:

Always nice to completely lie to customers.

andreas smetana said:

Congrats all involved....great work!

Meat Man said:

How good does that steak look?

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