CB Exclusive: Hungry Jack's launches 'Keeping it Real' campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Hungry Jack's_Burger Calls_Still_PR (1).jpgCB Exclusive - Hungry Jack's has today kicked off 'Keeping it Real', a major brand campaign via Clemenger BBDO Sydney, which celebrates what has always made the brand great: big bold flavours, real ingredients and great taste in a world gone slightly mad with food fads and crazes.

Hungry Jack's is proudly there for Aussies craving something substantial - that moment when only a burger will do. "When a Whopper calls. You Answer".

Hungry Jacks_OOH Whopper (1).jpgScott Baird, Hungry Jack's chief marketing officer says 'Keeping It Real' is more than just a campaign line, it's an ideology for the brand.

Says Baird: "We're not about pretension. We're about real food, made real good. Over the past 18 months we have make real improvements in the quality of our food with 100 per cent Aussie Beef with no added hormones, cage free eggs, 100 per cent Arabica coffee, no added flavour or colours in our desserts and 100% chicken breast in our nuggets."

The campaign pays homage to classic action movies, when a mysterious voice at the other end of a Whopper phone triggers a chase, in this case an escape from "pretention". The phone call sets off the chain of events that sees our hero go to all lengths to reach the flame grilled burger he is craving.

Says Ben Coulson, chief creative officer, Clemenger BBDO Sydney: "HJ's are our biggest client, they deserve our best. I'm proud to be part of this refreshing new direction for them. It's great to see some fun being had in this category while selling those big beefy burgers."

The integrated campaign kicks off this week with 60" and 30" brand TVCs, several 15" product TVCs, large format OOH, digital OOH, social, digital, promo and In-store.

Client - Hungry Jack's
Chief Marketing Officer - Scott Baird
Marketing Director - Andrew McCallum
Assistant Brand Manager - Estelle Crook
Agency - Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Chief Creative Officer - Ben Coulson
Copywriter - Zander Williment
Art Director - Willy Maitland
Head of Art - Dan Mortensen
Head of Broadcast - Denise McKeon
Integrated Producer - Emma Boreland, Steve Tindall, Kirstin Lees
Group Account Director - Cath Bosson
Senior Account Director - Smaran Jworchan
Planning Director - Giacomo Groff
Agency Editor - Alex Guterres
Senior Sound Engineer - Ant Tiernan
Production Company - FINCH
Director - Patrick Hughes
DOP - Daniel Ardilly
Executive Producer - Corey Esse
Producer - Marge McInnes
Offline - The Butchery
Editor - Jack Hutchings
VFX - The Refinery
Online - Drew Downes
Post producer - Amelia Bromley
Grade - Trish Carhill
Musician - DG Music - Dmitri Golovko


Barista said:

If this ad helps bring about the death of turmeric lattes, then it will be this years Grand Effie and Grand Prix for good! funny stuff, well done.

Dangerous Dave said:

Great to see a notoriously uncreative client coming out of the shadows. I genuinely hope doing better creative like this makes your cash registers sing!

Steve said:

I’m sure someone will find a way to bag it, but this is what we are supposed to do, make high impact, big work for big ugly clients like this.

PP said:

Love it, piss funny. I think I saw myself in that spot about twenty times.

Ex Clems guy said:

I used to work on HJ’s at Clems, and I can’t believe what I just saw!
Hungry Jacks have always been the bastion zero creative, food porn ads. Creatives industry wide know them to be worst client ever for ideas. I’m still reeling that this got up. I left Clems because Paul wanted me to work on HJ’s, and it was career death. Huge effort guys, well bloody done!

Client said:

Great to see a notoriously poor client coming out of the creative shadows. I genuinely hope doing better creative like this makes your cash registers sing!

Funny stuff said:

Finally ads can take the piss again, this is great (and yes, I know I’m the one having the piss taken out of me). Seriously, how long has it been since clients let us poke fun at any social group in advertising?Good on this client for having some plumbs and going for it.

Tim S said:

This ad is totally unexpected and works really well. Big budget, big impact advertising. And the campaign idea behind it will set up heaps of good work beyond this launch spot. Nice work.

A fan said:

Go Patty, on fire right now. You is the king of the blockbuster!

Account guy said:

Was that a documentary about people in advertising? Pretty sure I noticed a dozen writers I have worked with in the background. Bloody funny stuff.

Yeah. said:

Poor man Beer Chase, but better than most ads in market this year.

Minor point said:

Not sure if the casting is right for the main guy, he should be a bit less hipster himself, but a good fun spot.

Mr ads said:

Very nice!

Everyone said:

If this puts an end to those god awful hamburger assembly ads we have been force fed on TV for years, I’m calling it the best campaign in the history of history! Please let it replace the shite HJ’s work we are all so fuck’n sick of.

Mr ads said:

Very nice!

Susie S said:

Fark, that is not what I expected for a HJ’s ad!
That’s rad. Very cool spot.
How’d you guys ever sell it in???

Not So New AD Guy said:

Nicely done, Clems. Good giggles throughout.

Yep said:

I’m in, funny, well made, for a real client.

Suit said:

It’s not bad, not great, but not bad at all. Just hope you get to campaign it out, but i suspect this client will slide back into shite retail ads as soon as they can.

Not a massive blogger but... said:

I'm going to give a big up to this, it's damn good and has a sense of humour.

Funny said:

Looks like the Clems creative department all went to the barber together

The ads are better at Hungry Jacks said:

Unexpected work for what I assume is a tough, predictably boring client. Hats off to Hungry Jacks for buying a good idea and to Clemenger for somehow getting it up.

Bloody funny said:

Had me lolling out load

Blades said:

Good effort team! .. and a good ad as well. Proud of you all.

Old person said:

I wonder how the ‘smashed Avocado’ generation will deal with having the piss taken out of them. Probably in their usual way, and start burgers ironically cool again.

Can't believe what I'm reading said:

Is this seriously getting praise?

Another absolutely unoriginal dig at hipsters who eat kale and do yoga?

The only Clems signature on this is the cinematography. I would've thought whatever braindead creative pitched this would've been sacked on the spot.

Keeping it real said:

Amazing work for a brand that had become disconnected from its customers. Instantly put every other QSR brand work to shame. Well done

Will E Koyote said:

Falling out a window into a Kale truck, classic.

run patrick said:

Fucking ripper. Congrats to everyone involved who managed to get this through burger hell.

P.S. Also is this a snide joke about getting out of the Eastern Suburbs? If so, I'm buying it.


Too many good comments. Can not make bad comment.
*This will be a trend. Watch this space.

meh said:

dear god, if this is what passes for praise worthy work in Australia these days then we should all just pack up and go home right now.

Got me in the funnies said:

I had a proper laugh, thanks. Like the work.

Winner said:

It's a winner. Big, funny and properly different. Good stuff. More please.

@meh said:

5:16 pm. Pack up and go home? Sounds like a plan

Old school said:

TV is alive again. Good to see major brands getting creative on the big stage

Home and away called... said:

they want their phone back. Great reference, well played.

Hey look! It's us! said:

Should get the award for the most insular ad of the year...creatives laughing at themselves while the rest of the world just keeps on moving on.

Also - "our biggest client. They deserve our best". What do your other clients deserve???

Picking on Hipsters is soooo last year. said:

Settle down people of BBDO. You're not fooling anyone. 'Picking on hipster' scripts did their dash about the same time as the Denim American Psycho pastiche was made, what 5 years ago.

Hipster said:

Where can I get one of those red beanies?

Funny said:

That's ace! Just want HJ's to make a limited edition kale burger now.

Just for the record said:

This is what ads are meant to be, big fun silly entertainment that has a strong brand message behind it. Great work.

Coulson and the Comment Engine said:

Shome of us have worked with you before, Fasha.

It's funny but... said:

Yes it funny, yes it will stand out, yes it will get attention. But I mostly like the strategy behind it.

It’s high time a fast food retailer came out and owned what they are. Macca’s have become some sort of hybrid cafe trying to be all things to all people.

Now HJ’s have carved out there own space and are owning big satisfying burgers.

People will like them for the entertainment, but go to the restaurant because of the honesty of the strategy.

Why don’t more big companies have the plums to break from the category pack and just be what they are, not what some marketer thought people would like.

Hats off to Hj’s for this.

Note to marketers said:

Yes it is ok to be brace and make work like this that stands out, has a point of view and is brace.

Nice one said:

Very cool, I think this is a wonderful follow on from the ads they were doing quite a few years back. Well done to all involved.

Just saw it on TV said:

Cut through like dogs balls, jumped online to see who did it. Did not expect Clems Sydney. Great work guys.

Dave said:

Laughed, liked it, got the message. Job done

Better said:

A mile better than their old work and by far the best in the category. Good stuff

Cool phone said:

I remember those from back in the days. Jack would make a motza if he started selling these in store. Nice ad as well.

Treadray said:

Who the fuck are they talking to?
And 'Keep it Real'?
Sooo 90's.

Real person said:

It was all over the TV last night, and it was the best ad on TV by a long way. It's good thing when a really bad advertiser like HJ's turns the corner and starts making good ads like this. If only there were more clients willing to give humour a chance.

Toms said:

I like it, a lot, but there seems to be two messages here, one far stronger than the other. 'When a whopper calls, you answer' which is very strong and 'Keep it real', which feels more like a brand value proposition than a campaign idea. Great production values, the directing, editing and music is on point.

Reality check said:

I think the fast food category needs a serious reality check, and I applaud HJ's for coming out and saying what they stand for, big greedy burgers that satisfy you. I think the line and the positioning are spot on.

I'd kill for a whopper said:

Great. Made me want to throw my bullet made kale and celery smoothie this morning. Would I actually eat a whopper over a healthier alternative, Nup. But Im not the target audience & that's a wider health issue the category has.

Sayin It said:

HJ's. Tee Hee.

BL said:

Great work by all!


Finally. Something that doesn't try to save the world. But laughs at it. And feeds it. Go everyone who made this! We need you in the industry to keep FUN alive!

Toms too said:

I like it too, however does it bother anyone else that the campaign line is 'Get real' yet he's listening to what is an imaginary voice on what we can only assume is an imaginary plastic hamburger telephone, while he is clearly suffering from some kind of paranoid schizophrenic delusions? Logic gap here I say. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Well done.

It's a burger people! said:

If Hungry Jack’s can’t tell one hell of a ‘Whopper’, then who can? Nice to see some fun come back into the category after kowtowing to families, health carers and heart string pullers for so long. Maybe fast food ads are like 'the new beer ads' - Actually this is better than the new beer ads. Sadly.

Ok said:

Am i really the only one who doesn't like this?
Just because it's better than their old work, or it's not just a product shot, doesn't make it good. If anything, an opportunity was available to do something creative and we have an old joke about how hipsters dress funny and have beards. It's overacted and overcooked.
It's not terrible obviously but I feel like it could be better.

Dave L said:

Zander and Willy, I just had to stop sexting for a minute and say congratulations...Back to it.

Ana said:

This is absolutely insulting add but what to expect from company who tortures and kills billions of animals and they advertise it as something good to the nation of zombiez that we are! Everyone is so fuking blind or just doesnt like to hear the truth. So they show you how you need to replace healthy food with a junk food !? Someone needs a bloody reality check. Just keep eating this junk until you get cancer is the message of this add.

Mick Hunter said:

It's the oldest strategy in the world" irresistible.
If you can't do a brilliant ad off that then there's clearly something wrong.
So there's clearly something wrong.
How come people who write wonderful banner ads can't write brilliant TV commercials?
It's a mystery.
Which, unfortunately, until we get rid of banner ads, will never be solved.
Oh, and it's so contrived because of the hamburger phone.
I'm thinking that might have been the Directors idea. Even so, the Director isn't always right.

When a Whopper calls. You cancer. said:

Beautifully crafted. But 100% just told Australia to ditch healthy alternatives for a heart attack. So backward, so unethical, and so much respect lost for all involved. A new low for the industry. #keepingitrelevant

Oh Dear said:

@ Mick Hunter

I've had a look at your reel on bestadsontv just now. And assuming you're the same Mick Hunter. You should pull your head in.

poida said:

All well and good to crow over a creative ad but if burgers ain't sold from it you only have yourselves to blame.

Kmacs said:

Who is the actor playing Patrick please?

Dom Neumann said:

Can't wait for this campaign!

eat it please said:

I would love to see an ad which actually shows a burger, etc. actually being eaten instead of the pathetic and/or ridiculous attempts to make it look like they are. Are they that bad that no performer is game to try them.

just eat it said:

I would love to see an ad which actually shows a burger, etc. actually being eaten instead of the pathetic and/or ridiculous attempts to make it look like they are. Are they that bad that no performer is game to try them.

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