Ella Baché empowers women to find confidence in their skin with #IWillBeMe via The ARC Factory

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.37.29 am.jpgElla Baché has launched its new #IWillBeMe campaign via The ARC Factory, which encourages Australians to find confidence in their own skin.

Through their 28 Days to Skin Fit Program, #IWillBeMe is focused on empowering women to love and display their whole selves. Ella Baché believes it's not just about how you show your skin, it's what you do in it that matters. Ella Baché believes every Australian is unique and beautiful in their own way which is why they're encouraging Aussies to take part in #IWillBeMe campaign.
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 9.38.23 am.jpgThe #IWillBeMe campaign focuses on an Ella Baché 28-day Skin Fit challenge, encouraging inner and outer health. 28 days is the length of time it takes for skin cells to rejuvenate which is why Ella Baché are launching a Spring '28-Day SkinFit' program.

Says Pippa Hallas, CEO, Ella Baché: "#IWillBeMe campaign is about empowering Australians to be confident in their own skin. The 28-day skin fit program will allow customers to join us on a journey to skin health. We want Australian's to share the best versions of themselves which is why we're also encouraging them to share their story on social media.

"Research shows that that 85% of women are not using the right skincare. We want to help enlighten, educate and increase their confidence with their skin by providing them with the right tools and professional advice from our beauty therapists. In the same way customers commit to a fitness regime, we want them to commit to a program of treatments and at-home products to achieve optimum healthy skin."

Australians are encouraged to kick start their Spring journey to healthy skin by booking an initial complimentary skin diagnosis, followed by a 45 minute SkinFit facial treatment. Through the program customers will be prescribed a personalised skincare routine and educated on the best homecare skin solutions, allowing them to take the necessary steps towards optimum skin health. They'll also receive a 'SkinFit pack' with two travel sized products tailored to their individual skin diagnosis.

Ella Baché's #IWillBeMe campaign stars Australian actress Madeleine Madden, Arabella Peterson of The Ladies Network and model Zoe Cross. Together these three Australian beauties signify the underlying themes of Ella Baché's campaign, championing self-acceptance and a celebration of skin.

Creative: The ARC Factory
Media Agency: Vizeum
Photographer: Titus Pengelly
Models: Zoe Cross, Madeleine Madden, Arabella Peterson
Stylist: Charlotte Stokes
Hair & Make up: Samantha P


Seriously? said:

Empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin by perpetuating the outdated stereotypes so common in beauty advertising.

Next said:


Ventura Spleen said:

I just showed my daughter this article and she showed you her middle finger.

Ella Bullsh** said:

Christ on a bike.
Cheers for wanting to "educate" women about their poor skincare choices and putting them on the path to confidence and empowerment.
It's made me realise that, if I'd just bought the right moisturiser years ago, I'd probably be running the country by now.
Do better Ella Bache. We're getting very, very tired of this kind of insidiously degrading drivel.

Shame said:

The really depressing thing about this work and the empowerment bullshit it comes wrapped in, is that they clearly think their audience is really, really thick.

Under Armour said:


Groucho said:

Ella Bache is used nine times in this PR release which makes it about as sadly amateurish as the advertising.

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