Meet Cream Electric Art: Electric Art + Cream Studios partner up to take on the future

Steve and Bruce.jpgBridging together their collective talent and industry expertise to deliver a broader creative offering, two of Australia's most awarded production specialists, Electric Art and Cream Studios, have merged to become Cream Electric Art.

Delivering across an expanding number of different media, Cream Electric Art is built on the foundation that innovative production service requires collaboration between trusted creative partnerships. The new team is now made up of 20 specialists with extensive experience in CGI and creative retouching, across stills, motion, interactive, VR and AR.
Cream Electric Art founders Bruce Bigelow (ex-Electric Art) and Steve York (ex-Cream Studios) believe the future of quality creative production rests on the studio's ability to create striking, beautifully crafted assets that span across a range of media.

Robot Animation Still 1.jpgSays York: "As our world of print moves into motion we knew we needed a bigger team with the same skill and vision as us. EA has always been our biggest rival so we would not have chosen anyone else. We are super excited to be working on this ventureRobot Animation Still 2.jpg together and to be the absolute best."  

Says Bigelow: "Electric Art has always been about creative and technical innovation with a strong emphasis on highly crafted images and animation. Merging with Cream is about creating even better ones. Steve and I have always had a mutual respect, so when he floated the idea of merging to me, we agreed it was a no-brainer."

The merger sees Cream Electric Art working out of the Buckingham Street Surry Hills studio. The new look website is currently in development however you can take a peek here.

To view the Cream Electric Art showreel click here. To get in touch with Cream Electric Art please email Bruce Bigelow on or Steve York on  


pepemouse said:

Wow! All the best for the new venture guys. Two powerhouses - the ingredients are there for a successful collaboration.

Garry Horner said:

Great move, big things ahead.

Skip W said:

Ah... I get it. Nice one guys.

Gary said:

Well done guys! I'm sure it will be a huge success!

Chris Mac said:

Wow. Awesome news. One could wonder why it didn't happen earlier. All the best!

Marketing and PR said: said:

Good move guys.
In the current financially constrained environment it certainly behooves all business entities to proactively implement similar robust, innovative strategies that align their core competencies, cross-platform proficiencies and best practice mission-critical capabilities via a best-of-breed platform that can hit the ground running, thus generating holistic, customer-centric and feature-rich deliverables which, at the end of the day, do the heavy lifting to actualise aspirational profitability through maximising corporate synergies, resulting in sustainable shareholder value wellness.

Electric cream fan said:

I love all of these guys.

Seems to be a sad sign of the times that no money is being invested in print or posters anymore. Every marcunting person in this country is spending all their budgets on search, cuntent (that nobody watches) and crappy little programmatic banner ads.

Well done for evolving and adapting. Wish marketers and parasitic media companies could see beyond their next quarter and build proper brands.

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