Sam Kekovich hypnotises Aussies in the new Telstra Phonewords spot via Fenton Stephens

PR still TPH.jpgTelstra Phonewords has premiered a new TV spot in support of the recent 'Words are more memorable than numbers' radio campaign which both feature Aussie icon Sam Kekovich via Melbourne independent agency Fenton Stephens.

The spot was directed by Truce's Jessica Barclay Lawton.

The ad opens with Kekovich sitting behind a desk surrounded by a variety of kitsch Aussie paraphernalia, a familiar setting for the well-known patriot. But that's where all familiarity ends. Kekovich prompts the viewer to 'pay attention' before flashing two phone numbers, an alphanumeric equivalent and a Telstra Phoneword - 1300 IGUANA. He then asks: What do you remember?

Here is where things get a little weird. Telstra Phonewords are so hypnotically memorable that just a mere peek at one sends us into an Iguana-fuelled trance-like state. Even once we snap back to reality, things just aren't quite the same.

Predicting that viewers would likely try and call the 1300 IGUANA number, a unique IVR was recorded called 'Sam's Iguana Facts' which can be listened to here.

Client: Telstra Phonewords
Chief Executive Officer: Gavin Scholes
Agency: Fenton Stephens
Creative Director: Alex Fenton
Creative Team: Jess Wheeler & Guillermo Carvajal
Head of Account Services: Amy Stephens
 Senior Account Manager: Lucy Ranger
Planner: Joey Dorrington
Agency Producer: Lisa Ramsey
Production Company: Truce Films
Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton
Producers: Jim Wright, Michael Ciccone
Sound Design - Production Alley
Sound Engineer - Nic Buchanan


Keanu Reeves said:


pseudonym said:

In a time when there isn't much good work out there.
This stands out like balls on cow.

Yep said:

Good stuff.

Let's face it said:

One of the best things to be PRed in a long time.

Let's face it said:

One of the best things to be PRed in a long time.

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