Skydive Australia targets bucketlister dads in latest national ad campaign via Gray Matters

FD_ HERO-STELLER FPC-275x202-D[12] (2).jpgAdventure tourism brand Skydive Australia (also known as Skydive the Beach) is honing in on the bucket list market of 30 and over -a segment it hasn't traditionally aimed at - for its latest marketing campaign via Gray Matter.
Originally launched for Mother's Day, the campaign departs from typical images of aircraft jumps and freefalling, instead working to drive appeal by projecting the euphoric feeling jumpers get immediately after landing a tandem skydive.
The campaign will feature nationally across newspapers, magazines and below the line channels from Sunday 20th August, aiming to drive traction ahead of Father's Day.

The idea for the campaign evolved from research that found tandem skydiving cleared the mind and re-booted the psyche. The campaign is centred on the idea that "I could be different as a result of this experience" and stimulating a desire to improve one's quality of life by checking items off the bucket list.
FD-STELLER FPC-275x202-D[10] (2).jpgThe strong appetite in this market was validated during the campaign's Mother's Day launch, which saw a significant increase in sales and gift voucher purchases, as well as a strong shift in demand towards older age groups.
Says Anthony Ritter, CEO, Skydive Australia: "One of our core brand values is being able to offer genuinely enjoying and incomparable experiences, and this campaign really resonates with that.
"We are delighted with the strong results witnessed in the early phases of this campaign, and look forward to rolling out more innovative and creative adaptions that will cater for Australia's most loved celebrations, including Christmas and Valentine's Day."


Fur realsies? said:

PR-ing this is like running a headline on the front page of the Herald Sun saying 'Dog Does Poo'

Account Circus said:

What. The. Fuck. Is. This.

I wonder how much it costs to use this blog as a media channel? I see no other explanation for this being here, other than to plug the offer?

Credit where credit's due. said:

This ad does make me feel like jumping out of a plane. Albeit without a parachute.

The Donald said:

Make Campaign Brief Great Again and stop posting this filth.

Mike said:

Was the brief a laxative?

Mike said:

I'm guessing the brief was a laxative.

wow said:

My grandma is better at photoshop

The Contrarian said:

I would refuse to jump if my son gave me a skydive as a gift.

Your Grandma said:

Wow, can your grandma suck eggs?

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