Sportsbet welcomes the All Blacks ahead of the Bledisloe Cup in new campaign via Naked Sydney

Sportsbet (1).jpgSportsbet and Naked have enlisted the help of over five hundred sheep to send the All Blacks a special message, celebrating their arrival in Australia for the Bledisloe Cup.

With the help of Shepherdstown farmer Brian Burke and 360kg of strategically placed oats, the surprisingly literate sheep definitely got the message across.

Says Will Byrne, communications manager, Sportsbet: "We want to give the All Black's a proper Aussie welcome ahead of the Bledisloe, one they could relate to anyway! We've never been sheepish about having a bit of cheeky fun.

Adds Jon Burden, ECD, Naked: "Ewe can't beat a bit of banter."

Client - Sportsbet Credits
Agency - Naked Communications
Communications Manager - Will Byrne
Executive Creative Director - Jon Burden
Group Account Director - Richard Woods
Chief Strategy Officer - Brett Rolfe
Senior Producer - Michael Wilson
Senior Account Manager - Denniz Post
Art Director - Jenny Tang/Bryce Waters/Daniel Davidson
Copywriter - Chris Nguyen/Ash Wilding
Animal Handlers - Film Livestock Australia
Farmer - Hazelmere Burke P/L
Drones - Drone Films
Production Company - Limehouse creative
VFX and post production - Limehouse creative


Schtick to death. said:

Jesus. Are we really still doing the sheep jokes? Even when we've been utterly trounced by the All Blacks for 14 years straight? I understand singing when your winning but by this rationale, we should shut the fuck up and show a little humility.

Humility? said:

It's Sportsbet.

2008 said:

Wow, does creativity just not exist at Naked? Talk about beating the horse, I hope they didn't charge $$ for this. Embarrassing.

@shtick to death said:

Relax, it's not made out to be more than it is. Win or loose, it's Aussie nature to get stuck in and lead the banter. We'll flog the sheep shaggers.

Barnaby Choice said:

Hey Bro, we need all we can get to get under their skins.You can stick your humility and I'll have one before ewe!

Bring Back Ben said:

What happened to BMF?

It is what it is said:

Nice bants lads

BMF said:

Bmf and naked are the same company.

Fact Check said:

BMF, are you drunk?

wh said:

why does it say CALL ME?

weak joke

whatever. said:

Well that worked.

Huh said:

3 credited Art Directors...... baaaaaaabaaaaaahahahahha

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