Campaign Brief Poll: Are you for or against the legalisation of same sex marriage in Australia?

gMap.pngIn the lead-up to the postal ballot on whether Australians are for or against the legalisation of same sex marriage, it might be interesting to discover what the ad industry thinks.

UPDATE: As of Friday 4.30pm (Aug 25) there has been 1643 votes cast, with 62% FOR and 38% AGAINST.


Vote yes said:

I really hope the answer isn't what I fear... it will be the last straw for me in this industry.

Huh? said:

What the actual fuck? I'm so disappointed with these figures

WTF said:

40% of people are voting no in this? What the hell? I am utterly disappointed with this industry if those numbers are correct.

George said:

Who are the troglodytes in the advertising industry who are against equality and what are their names, so we can avoid working with them?

Can't be accurate said:

I'm in a fairly conservative mid-sized agency in Melbourne. Can't think of one person here who would vote no. Honestly not sure how this poll could be accurate.

Ruth motherfuckin ginsburg said:

Even if it's 40%, it's the majority. We passed that shit here by a single vote. It'll make victory even sweeter bitches. RFGxx

Don't believe everyhting you read said:

Has anyone considered those who are voting no here are just doing it to get a reaction as per the comments above? Believe me, it crossed my mind to do just that for one nano-second...but common sense prevailed.

Can't belive it's not butter said:

Shame on you 37% of people voting against gay marriage. Go work in some other industry...we don't need you working along side us. Horrible bigots.

I'm doing the No campaign. said:

It will be a direct marketing piece with a winner - The prize a weekend for two with Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt.

whatever. said:

Doesn't really surprise me.

Most of the people on this blog are cunts.

Pow said:

What's the bet it's Old CD Guy who has been voting NO all day...

Yep said:

@Don't believe everyhting you read is right on the money. There are plenty of shit stirrers out there just trying to get a reaction

Positive start said:

It's 506 votes to 381. That's a sizable difference. But I wouldn't read too much into it right now.

To all the YES people: we need to stick with it, and galvanize everyone we know to vote YES too.

Let's not have a repeat of the Trump debacle.

To the NO voters said:

If you voted NO in the poll above, please read this:

peta said:

This shows an absolute lack of empathy for those working in the industry that are gay. Your audience is niche and clearly majority ego driven men who actually do not even care about marriage rights, let alone be against them.What they care about is power through anonymity. I get the angle - out and industry that is so ready to jump on the bandwagon for self promotion. But it was a start in the right direction. I honestly hope the final poll is yes.

Patsy said:

This New Zealand politician puts it all in perspective,
Worth a view ....

God I wish we had him in our parliament!!

Jeffrey Booth said:

I'm no longer in the business (I'm nearly 70), but my response is as it has been on any poll such as this; why is it even a question?

Old CD Guy said:

@Pow, nup, I only voted once. And it was yes. Even old CD guys still have hearts beating in our chests.

I agree with @Don't believe everything - there's bit of trolling going on here.

60/40 split reflects national average said:

@old cd guy, I doubt there is any trolling, you can only vote once. I tried to vote again but the system doesn't let you unless you use other computers. The 60% yes, 40% no of this industry poll is actually the same as most national polls I've seen so far.

No to No said:

Guess what you absolute clowns, if you don't want a gay marriage, you don't have to get one.

Let people live their lives and let's bloody get on with it.

Hey Ritson said:

Where's my fucking lunch?

JG said:

After two decades in this industry, I've made campaigns for weapons manufacturers, tobacco, booze. But I'll DRAW THE LINE at making an ad that discriminates against allowing someone to marry whom they choose.

This is what made me leave the industry and go and do something meaningful.

Who is the agency? Fucking shameful

I won't share my name. said:

Why can't we vote no?

I mean, I AM voting yes, but still, why do we HAVE to hate and put down these people because of their own personal opinion? Why is it that this fight for 'love' and 'equality' has led to so much fucking hate and negativity?

If I didn't know two homosexual people and their desire to marry, I would honestly vote no out of the shameful display being shown by you people.

"Who are these cunts?! Let's put them out of business!"
"I am ashamed by these people and hope they loose their jobs."
"I will never do business with these people, who are they so I can publicly shame them and get them fired."

Yes, let us put people with families and children out of a job just because they have an opinion that does not agree with ours! Truly we are heroes and good people by making someone else suffer just because they do no share our opinion!

You call them bigots just because they have a different opinion, but what does that make us?

anonymous 123456789 said:

Homophobes and bigots: people who have a different opinion to those who are pro-gay marriage

"Those who are against SSM are discriminators. Love is love!"

Well then... If I changed the words 'Same-sex marriage' to 'Family marriage', will you 'discriminate' against me? If I 'loved' and wished to marry either of my siblings or my parents, would you let me? I mean, love is love right? So I can marry and have sex with my dog or cat if I wanted to right? Beastiality and incest are fine because hey, "love is love".


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