Virgin Active and Marcel Sydney create 'Second Finish Line' at Australia's biggest running race

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 9.37.13 am.jpgYesterday morning Virgin Active via Marcel Sydney, pulled a sneaky one on Sydney's biggest running race, with a real-life demonstration of their commitment to 'going the extra mile' - by creating a second finish line exactly one mile after the race's official end.  

Elite runners from the Sydney Striders running group shocked onlookers by not stopping once they passed the official finish line. They continued running passed the crowds towards Virgin Active's Second Finish Line in Marks Park, Tamarama.

Says Adele Rogers, PR and social media manager, Virgin Active: "We wanted to inject a bit more fun into Sydney's most iconic fun run. Virgin Active is all about helping people go the extra mile, so what better way to show this than by actually getting people to do it."

The Striders were happy to get on board in name of good fun.

Says Dave Criniti (Sydney Striders) who came 9th overall and was the first to cross the Second Finish Line: "When Virgin Active contacted us we were initially surprised, but it sounded like a laugh, so we decided to do it. We're serious about our running, but it's just a bit of fun seemed like a perfect fit."

Says Scott Huebscher, ECD of Marcel Sydney: "Virgin have a history of doing audacious and cheeky stunts, so this felt right on brand. It was guerrilla marketing in the truest sense. Credit to our Virgin Active clients and agency staff for all mucking in to make it happen."

Virgin Active Ambassadors Jill Wright (@iamjillwright) and Brittany Bloomer (@brittbloomer) were there to give support.

Agency: Marcel Sydney
Client: Virgin Active
Head of Brand and Marketing: Anton Brown
Social Media and PR Manager: Adele Rogers
Production Company: Paperhouse Productions
Director/Editor: Tim Kindler


High impact said:

Over 80,000 people in attendance and it looks like only three people saw this. Should've just made an MREC.

seriously?? said:

seriously? this activation got 12 people from Sydney striders involved. Embarrassing.
why would they promote this.

David said:

I would've preferred a nice poem.

Poet said:

Hang on. Isn't Marcel a school for poetry?

Hrmmmmmm said:

Was there meant to be a clever bit?

Or an interesting bit?

lucky said:

Good thing they're not allowed to enter awards this year.

JayJay said:

Literally no one notice. Or cared. Or wanted to be in the credits.
And yet, here we are. Promoting it on CB...

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