After 34 years at 120 Pacific Highway in St Leonards, Clemenger BBDO moves to Walsh Bay

Nw Clemenger Office_Walsh Bay.jpgAfter 34 years at 120 Pacific Highway in St Leonards, Clemenger BBDO is moving. Next year, the Clemenger companies will call Pier 8-9, 23 Hickson Road in Walsh Bay their new home. The iconic finger wharf building will undergo a complete refurbishment before Clemenger moves in.

Says Robert Morgan, Executive Chairman of the Clemenger: "This building is perfect for the needs of our companies, well into the future. It has flexibility as well the ability to offer integration across the companies to better service our client's needs.
"We look forward to making it a state of the art campus for all of our people and we believe it is an environment where we can give expression to our core philosophy of The Work, The Work, The Work."

"Pier 8-9 was built as a commercial wharf in 1910, and was turned into offices in the 1990's, housing Murdoch Magazines originally and more recently Yahoo 7. It is a fantastic space and position for the Group.

"Clemenger's new presence in Walsh Bay will hopefully become as well-known as it has been in St Leonards. We look forward to a long and successful tenancy in our new home."


WTF said:

slightly more surprising than Trump getting in!!

S. Welter said:

This is a great building.
If you don't need air con.
Like ever.

Is it April 1st? said:

From the shitest location in Sydney to the best, you guys must be pinching yourselves! Huge move, get ready for a bunch of CV's to hit your inbox.

False Prophets said:

Is this why production companies are bullied into slashing their costs and forced to do deals with crews?

Wheels said:

Try not to burn this one Clems ! :)

Tidy work said:

Honking pad, well played Clems!

Patsy said:

Excellent news Robert - never thought I'd live to see the day!

WTH said:

Spoke to Trumps wife, apparently he's not in yet!

pepemouse said:

Having worked in that building - massive air conditioning problems (when Method Studios were there). Clems - take care to get that sorted!

Hotashell said:

You'll need the Daikin account!!

Steve Dodds said:

How things have changed. For the better.

Is there anyone left over the other side?

The last hold-outs I can think of are The Works and Innocean.

@Doddsy said:

I know most clients don't want something different, but that side of the bridge has produced some of Australia's most awarded work.

Earth hour x 3. Doug Pitt. World's most powerful arm.

Maybe because there are no trendy coffee shops or bars, people just get on with it.

@@Doddsy said:

Surely that work should be attributed to the great teams, not the shitty location.

Nice one Clems, amazing location.

SJ said:

I've packed my "bags". ;)

@@@Doddsy said:

That work was actually attributed to a certain tech company giving agencies the idea.

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