Apparition Media donates its walls to Rainbow Warrior movement to campaign for a yes vote

Credit_Martin Cedes.jpgApparition Media has donated its walls and paints to artist and Rainbow Warrior David Lee Pereira, who has painted a giant rainbow 'YES' mural in Melbourne Central ahead of the gay marriage postal plebiscite.

Lee, an Apparition Media artist, put out a call on Facebook to paint a 'YES' campaign, and was met with the support of Melbourne businesses to join the campaign in support of equal rights. As a result, Apparition Media artists and members of the wider community are donating their weekends to paint Melbourne's donated walls in rainbow.
The plebiscite will be sent out on September 12th, so the volunteer campaign aims to push the community to take the vote seriously, and prompt parliament to step forward in joining the rest of the world in support of gay marriage, and equality for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rainbow Warrior campaign murals have been painted at Melbourne Central's Knox Lane. Since then, businesses including Fitzroy's Kent Street Bar, Fitzroy North's Juddy Roller studios, and the Victorian Aids Council have all donated walls to join the campaign.

More locations will be painted over the coming month.

Credit: Martin Cedes @imagodesign


yes but no said:

This should help them feel good about themselves.

Dr Ad said:

Do you really need to PR that you did something nice?

Makes it seems like the only point of being nice was to look good.

Charm offensive said:

@Dr Ad,

Given their 'paint over' of a community-loved street artist's work recently in Sydney, this co. are desperately trying to mend fences and look good. So yes that's the entire point.

For just one day said:

Perhaps try not to be dicks yeah? Set a little goal for yourselves.

Jim Robbins said:

Commenters, c'mon...are you guys serious? Let these guys do something nice, PR it, and inspire others to do the same. I understand the skepticism, but if you knew these guys personally, and knew the beauty and bravery of their story and how this company came to be, I don't think you'd be writing the comments that you are. These folks are trying to create the very thing that we all wish there was more of in this industry. Give them that chance, please. For the sake of all of us.

I smell bullshit said:

This is bandwagon bullshit. You guys suck. You are money hungry culturally incompetent insensitive commercial assholes that have no good beliefs or values. This is pure PR. And Apparition media are pure assholes.

Nope said:

This company is the worst.

They are turning street art into a business.

And worse still, an advertising business.

Low, low, low.

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