Charlotte Wren joins Puffin Post

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.19.11 am.jpgMarty Gilchrist, editor and owner of Puffin Post has announced Charlotte Wren will be joining the team as senior post producer. The addition of Wren means Puffin Post is able to offer a higher level of service to agencies and production companies looking for extra assistance throughout the post process.

Says Wren: "Coming from an agency background, I know how time-poor agency producers are. Between producing TV, content, radio, sometimes stills, they're now having to wrangle a huge amount deliverables for every campaign that comes along. I hope to be a second set of hands and relieve some of that workload."
On the addition of Charlotte, Gilchrist says: "I'm so excited to have her join Puffin, she's an absolute gun. We have a unique opportunity to offer something really special here, plus I was tired of chopping firewood and drinking Negronis on my own."

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 10.19.23 am.jpgPuffin Post specialise in offline and online editing whilst bringing in grade, design and animation resources when required.

Adds Gilchrist: "Seriously though, at Puffin we are aware that agencies are changing. Not every shop has a full-time TV department and even those that do are stretched with campaigns big and small. With Char's experience in agency producing, it means we can offer extra support through the post process. Her attention to detail and understanding of usage, deliverables and sound means she can be involved as much or as little as agencies need."

The studio has client-friendly facilities that allow for meetings and edit reviews in a beautiful warehouse space, situated in Gladstone St, South Melbourne.




Congrats!! said:

Awesome hire! You're a gun Char, can't wait to see what you and Marty produce.
Two superstars uniting, exciting times ahead.

Simon G said:

Wow - congrats Char! Congrats Marty! Great professional match. Hope you have that fire cranked up, but if not don't worry. You guys are hot.

Bonza said:

Well done Char.

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