Clemenger BBDO, Sydney kicks off search for 2018 Clems Grads; applications close 15 Oct

Clems Grads 2017.jpgClemenger BBDO Sydney today kicks off its search for its 2018 Clems Grads. Applications close 15th Oct 2017. The chosen Clems Grads start in Jan 2018.

The highly sought-after Clemenger Group Program has welcomed 115 Grads over the last 11 years, with over 100 staying on to work full time, of which an impressive 34 are still with Clemenger today. The Program ranks #1 by Grad Australia in its overall list of Australian employers for media, marketing and PR category in 2015.

The Clems Grads Program, offers five full-time positions to curious, tenacious and creative newcomers looking to make their mark in communication Industry.

The successful applicants will rotate between Clemenger BBDO Sydney, TKT Sydney and Traffik, giving them the opportunity to work across multiple clients and exposing them to everything from strategic planning, user experience, digital, experiential, content and creative production and account management.

Says Maddie Marsh, head of account management: "Clems Grads has delivered many of our finest Clemenger people, and not only in Account Management, but also in the Planning and creative departments. The program puts the grads through their paces and gives them the chance to witness and play a crucial part in the creative process. This year our continued focus is on diversity and we are casting a wide net to ensure we capture the best and most diverse talent regardless of educational background."

Says Rob Harding Smith, planner at Clemenger BBDO Sydney and 2012 Clems Grad: "I'm not from a marketing or advertising background, in fact the only thing I knew back in 2012 was that I wanted to work in communications. Thinking back on it, joining Clems as a grad was the best thing that I could have done to get me to where I am today.

"Starting in account management as part of the grad program gave me a great introduction to advertising. It helped me understand what ad agencies actually do, how they do it, and who they work with.

"This start provided me with a focus of where I actually wanted to work, and where I wanted to take my career. It's the sort of knowledge you can't really find out until you've worked in the industry. It's a bloody fascinating career path if you're interested in everything from media, to marketing, to tech, to management consulting.".

To apply, candidates must complete two tasks, the first is a written component solving a client problem and the second is video submission introducing themselves. A shortlist of applicants will be invited for a face-to-face interview before the final five are announced.

To apply, visit Clemenger Group Careers at


The creatives wardobe said:

Black & Demin shirts....

Come on said:


@Come on said:

Jesus Christ it must be so fucken exhausting reading industry blogs and checking every single photo with a Pantone swatch to check it meet your standards of 'diversity'.

How presumptuous of you to think to know everything about the background, ethnicity, beliefs and life experience of these kids from a photograph. You going to jump onto while you're at it?

I'm sick of this one-dimensional shit getting peddled around at the moment, and for once I'd like the conversation to be about the quality and diversity of ideas.

@@come on said:

except these kids have nothing to do with creating ideas. #missedthemark #badlyaimedrage

@@@Come on said:

Nope, pretty squarely aimed. Last time I checked everyone is allowed to have ideas, and that's what people are hired for - the strength and originality of their ideas.

Not shitty hashtags.

@@@come on said:

So let me get this right - you think they're here to 'make up the numbers' and look like the United Colours of Benneton?

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