Heinz Beanz Australia launches new can sizes + heart-warming animated short film via Y&R NZ

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.21.59 am.jpgCB Exclusive - In a bold move, Kraft Heinz Australia removes iconic Heinz Beanz branding for charming new labels, launching four new can sizes. The nationwide integrated campaign has been created by Y&R New Zealand and Assembly Ltd, with music composed by Franklin Road.

The heartwarming campaign, led by an animated short film, follows 'Geoff' - the head of innovation at Heinz Beanz. It tells the story of how, across the years, Geoff's circumstances change, prompting him to create a new can size for every life stage.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.17.58 am.jpgSays Josh Moore, CEO/CCO, Y&R ANZ: "Heinz Beanz is one of those classically iconic global products that only Don Draper and advertising school students get to work on. It's not the kind of brief that falls in your lap inScreen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.14.56 am.jpg the real world. But it did and so the Y&R and Assembly teams came together and delivered Geoff, a truly beautiful piece of work that's going to sell a hell of a lot of beans."

The campaign consists of a 3-minute film for online and cinema, individual product spots for TV, digital, and point of sale. And for the first time, it also acts as the sole catalyst for re-naming the HeinzScreen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.14.49 am.jpg Beanz product range across Australia.  

Says Tom Paine, ECD, Y&R NZ: "Launching an animated campaign which directly influences the real-world, on-shelf product is a unique, gratifying process. Hopefully the Australian public enjoy it as much as we've enjoyed making it."

Says Damon Duncan, Director at Assembly: "It was a pleasure working with the team from Y&R to create this piece. We loved bringing these characters to life and telling Geoff's story. The opportunity to tell a life story on this scale was a fun challenge and one the Assembly team relished."

Client: KraftHeinz Australia
Chief Marketing Officer AMEA: Rodrigo Wickbold

Chief Marketing Officer: Shalabh Atray
Category Marketing Manager - Quick Serve Meals: Arjun Tomar
Marketing Director: Mughees Abid
Brand Manager: Olivia Plymin

Agency: Y&R New Zealand
CCO and CEO: Josh Moore
Managing Director / Head of Planning: Jono Key
ECD: Tom Paine
Copywriter / Art Director: Ellen Fromm
Senior Account Director: Katie Loverich
Senior Account Manager: Heike Middleton
Head of Design: James Wendelborn
Head of TV / Producer: Sacha Moore, Liz Rosby

Production Company: Assembly Ltd.
Director: Damon Duncan
Technical Director: Rhys Dippie
Executive Producer: Amanda Chambers
Lead Designer / Character Design: Josh Fourt-Wells
3D Artists: Geoff Kirk Smith, Katie Naeher, Craig Speakman, Craig Baxter, Alex McLeod, Damon Duncan, Rhys Dippie, Josh Fourt-Wells, Marcos Godoy, Anastasia Fileva, Andrii Kryvuila, Gustavo Soares, Alex Scollay, Patrick Blades

Environmental Design: Scotty Wilson
Compositing: Rhys Dippie
Grade: Pete Ritchie

Sound: Franklin Road
Music Composed By: Mahuia Bridgeman Cooper

Sound Design: Shane Tapari
Executive Music & Sound Producer; Jonathan Mihaljevich

Media Agency: Spark Foundry
Investor: Keily Brown
Digital Director: Taylor Svarc
Account Manager: Marissa Taylor
Account Coordinator: Chelsea Caddey


... said:

It's got all the makings of a beautiful animated story, like Justino or Chipotle. It just lacks the beautiful story.

Sad said:

It looks great. It's just got no substance. Almost the opposite problem beans have!

RC said:

Amazing craft. Well done.

Pixar said:

A thumbs down version of Up.

. said:

Very nice, hats off

The Brief said:

Heinz - "sell cans of Beanz"

Based on the brief this is pretty bloody good

Yawn said:

Fell asleep about an hour in, work up about 8 hours later, it was still going.

Yeah, nah said:

If copying famous animation was the idea, this is great.

If original and interesting story telling matters, this is a big fail.

stunning said:

Beautiful storytelling. I forgot I was watching an ad. Well done.

UK Beans Eater said:

They have changed the font on Heniz beans, why!? you can't just do that. looks wrong. Really cheaped the brand. I won't be buying 1 can of these. And trust me I buy a lot of beans. FAIL.

Seriously you people?! said:

This is an ad for Heinz baked beans. To launch new cans. In Australia. The odds couldn't be more heavily stacked against this being a success, but it's great.. Congrats all involved, I've no doubt Aussies will love it.

Yasmin said:

It's just lovely.

Post Girl said:

Wow. So beautifully crafted, right down to those lush textures and soft lighting. Bravo! :)

Matt said:

As an animator, I wish there were more jobs around like this one. Top work!

Yasmin said:

It's just lovely.

hmmmmm said:

Heinze have slowly, over the last six months been introducing a smaller size can. It started off cheaper. Now in my local Woolies the big can has completely vanished off the shelves and all that is now left is this new smaller can with is about 1 3rd smaller than the one that has been around since I was a kid. The new small can is exactly the same price as the larger (now gone can). For this very reason I will no longer buy Heinz cans even though I have eaten them all my life.

Yasmin said:

It's just lovely.

My 4 year old said:

Where's the fun storyline??

Extras said:

The main character looks awfully like Ricky Gervais from Extras "are you having a laugh" sitcom. But sadly, I wasn't having a laugh, just a long yawn. Sadly also lacking was a good story and an intriguing plot. Had the making of a wonderful commercial but just didn't go anywhere exciting or funny.

A marketer said:

Saw this last night and it stood out. It's called advertising the clients product people

Stop it said:

I watched 12 seconds. More than consumers will

LC said:

This is beautiful.

The 15's work just fine.

Well done to all involved.

All about the work said said:

Well done Damon and team at Assembly...your builders not the architect....and you have done an amazing job....my 9 yr old loved it, and he's not in advertising, just a Baked Bean eater.

JD said:

Best spot this year. First time baked beans have made my eyes well up. 10/10

Negative blah blah blah said:

This is certainly a lot better than 95% of the dross brands create.

As for it not telling a story, I'm not sure what those detractors are talking about.

Will this work for the main grocery buyer? You bet.

Will people remember the brand? They sure will.

Will kids love it? It appears so from some of the comments above.

Could it have been a shorter? For my liking... yes. But that's subjective, innit?

Still, I would rather see this in a cinema over most other 'creative' spots.

Well done to everyone involved in making this beautifully crafted spot.

DK said:

Swede as Damo.

seriously said:

looks like a new CCO desperate to make something

White washed said:

This animation is well produced, however I'd like to know why the characters lacks any form of diversity. If white anglo Australian's were the only ones that eating beans out of a can I might understand the logic here. Did't one person on the production ask the question?

Marcus said:

Beaut. Lovely work Ellen Fromm. TOP SHELF.

Motionlab said:

Beautiful animation! Big thumbs up to all involved.

Nice one kiwis said:

Personally I thought it was really sweet. I got my kids to watch it and they loved it too.
I really don't understand the level of hate here though. How many of us are getting projects like this approved? Fuck-all I'd suggest. So even if you thought it was too long, too cute or whatever - maybe just admire a team who was able to get something through a client that wasn't just a bunch of shitty banner ads. Cos that's all I've got to look forward to tomorrow....

Noice one said:

You'd have to be pretty heartless not to love this. A very generous tip of the hat to Y&R.

$$$ said:

Making cool sh*t with other people's money is why most of us are here. You've done that, and I suspect you'll sell a few cans as well. Well done.

Raymond said:

Re: Diversity

It's a family of gingers - how "minority" do you want to get?!? They're almost extinct ffs

@ Raymond said:

Ginger's are super Caucasians mate, they don't count as a minority.

Dave said:

That's a very engaging and memorable add with top quality animation. Well done to everyone involved.

April said:

A blatant rip off of Up. The character design looks like a near-exact copy! It would've been a whole lot more heartwarming if they'd had the decency to make their characters a little more original.

Tracey said:

A clever marketing tool to confuse and trick the public into believing that Heinze cares about us and our needs... If they did they wouldn't be charging us more for the same product.. I have been a loyal consumer of Heinze baked beans all my life and I'd even be happy to pay a price increase if it was done with transparency and not trickery...
Well done on betraying your customers....Do you really think we are that gullible??

Carolyn said:

i love your BBQ baked beans or i should say loved, have eaten then ham for as long as i remember, i always buy 12 420 g tins at a time, i bought some from woolies on friday the new smaller can Lol paid 50% more and was shocked at the new size that cost more, I thought i hate when thing go down on size and go up on price.... most know how much they need or use.... ok i thought i guess i have to deside which way to go either get ripped off or stop buying them... my choice was i have no choice i really like them then tonight i tasted them , they are not the bbq baked beans i eat 2-3 times a week for breakfast since they came out, For these reasons I will no longer buy Heinz backed beans the taste is cheap beans i can buy for 65cents not $3 .... unless by some mistake on heinz part that these tasteless powdery cheap beans are ur rejects mistakenly sold... if u have changed the recipe you are really stupid....


Shaun Sheridan said:

I do not like the new bean can sizes they are nothing but a greedy cash grab the new big size is to big and the next smaller size too small. If Heinz doesn't retain the existing standard can size l will not buy the project and will buy another brand. Heinz feel free to contact me if you want.

Java said:

Love Love Love the new ad - someone had enough brains to create a great ad without, violence, sex, or critisim - WONDERFUL JOB BEST AD I HAVE SEEN FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

Ben said:

Heinz - firstly, it's not 'innovative' to change your can size so don't fool yourselves. Secondly, one can only be cynical about your motives in removing the standard sized cans. The new can sizes don't suit me nor my family - your 'market research' was based on flawed premises and the conclusions were likely the result of confirmation bias. Disappointing from a company of your stature.

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