Honda launches first Australian brand TVC 'Moving You' via Leo Burnett, Melbourne

HONDA_Materbrand_PR Images_HERO[1][1] (1).jpgHonda Australia has launched its first ever brand TVC via Leo Burnett Melbourne, celebrating Honda's innovative, human-centric philosophy.

The campaign titled 'Moving You' demonstrates how Honda has always been one of the world's most innovative and influential companies. It creates technology to help stroke victims walk again, powers our farming industry, uses robotics to assist us in everyday life, and designs boat motors, supercars and even jets.

HONDA_Materbrand_PR Images_2[2][2] (1).jpgSays Jason Williams, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett, Melbourne: "Honda creates products that are centred around the people who use them. While other manufacturers obsess over what a product can do, Honda dreams about how it can seamlessly complement and advance our lives."

While Honda has told this story in other countries before, most Australians are unaware of how diverse and innovative Honda is as a company. The new 60-second commercial recognises Honda's long history of human-centred engineering that separates it from other car brands.  

Stephen Collins, director, Honda Australia, said Honda's revitalisation has come on the back of a bold effort to reconnect with customers and build understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of Honda.

HONDA_Materbrand_PR Images_3[1][1] (1).jpgSays Collins: "The new brand TVC really shows the breadth of the Honda business and our commitment to enrich people's lives through the products we create and services we offer. The recent addition of our 5 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty is just another way we are committed to putting customers at the centre."

Directed by Michael Spiccia from Scoundrel with post effects by Blackbird, the spot opens with an intimate moment as a recovering stroke victim supported by a Honda Walking Assist Device embraces her partner once again. As an instrumental version of the iconic Eurythmics song "Sweet Dreams" builds, an orchestrated choreography of Honda technology gradually envelops the couple.  

Scott McGregor, general manager, customer and communications, Honda Australia, said customers would see more from Honda in coming months as its revitalised brand messaging sweeps into customer consciousness across a range of media. This year is one of the busiest launch years in Honda Australia's history - with 80 per cent of the Honda product portfolio being refreshed or completely new in 2017.  
Says McGregor: "The creative brief for this campaign was quite clear -- putting the customer at the centre of everything we do - the Honda story is emotive and passionate, and we feel this campaign reflects this. This will play a key role in engaging a new generation of customers for Honda, because there is real substance behind what we are saying."

Mr. McGregor said the 'Power of Dreams' was still at the core of the Honda brand, but it has been re-imagined via the new campaign.

The brand TVC has been rolled out alongside outdoor, digital, social and dealership POS.

Client: Honda Australia 
General Manager, Customer & Communications: Scott McGregor
Brand Communications Manager: Ben Familton
Brand Communications Specialist: Melissa Spiers

Agency: Leo Burnett Melbourne
CCO: Jason Williams
Senior Creatives: Joe Hill / Garret Fitzgerald / Blair Kimber / Andrew Woodhead
Senior Agency Producer: Cinnamon Darvall
Group Account Director: Jaime Morgan
Director of Integrated Strategy: Ilona Janashvili

Production: Scoundrel
Director: Michael Spiccia
Producer: Ben Scandrett-Smith
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
DOP: Danny Ruhlmann
Production Designer: Lucinda Thomson 

Post Production:
Editor: Jack Hutchings - The Butchery
VFX & Supervisor: Nicholas Ponzoni - Blackbird
VFX Producer: Sam Hall - Blackbird
Sound Engineer: Stuart Welch - Nylon Studios
Soundtrack: Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart (Sweet Dreams)
Composer: Jesse Watt
Music Producer: Karla Henwood - Nylon
Music Supervision: Chelsea Ramsden - Nylon

Media: Zenith


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Post Girl said:

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!!!! Congratulations all involved. I'm endlessly jealous. Its just beautiful :)

Surprised said:

I actually thought this was an overseas spot. Really nice production.

Nick said:


Shane said:

love this. really nicely done

ehh said:

doing donuts in a car park aint moving me.

Yeah farken yeh said:

Didn't know Honda was sponsoring the deni ute muster? Get on the black rats and tear it up boys!

Redgreg said:

Tis Lovely. Love it.

The original dream said:

It just doesn't live up to the original...

Joe J said:

Nice one! Crafting at its best.

stye over substance said:

Beautifully produced and directed, but I really don't know how a creative team goes about writing an ad like this.

Uli said:

Little Honda robot. The Gobbledock of 2017. A decent execution, TV in Aus has gone to the dogs past couple of years so the odd sign of life every now and then is encouraging.

HJ said:

Some nice production values but concept is weak.

+ve comments above obviously Leos staff.

Down at the ad yard said:

Nice lookin exterior, but nothin under the hood.

@HJ said:

I'm not Leos staff and I think this is great.
Outstanding in fact.
It's incredibly well directed.

How does a creative ad team write something like this? You hit the nail on the head there. They don't. Credit to the team that actually made this.

@Uli said:

Totally agree. The real congratulations for this goes to the clients. It really does. Everyday there are hundreds of quality creative teams across Australia bashing their heads until they bleed out over their bleed proof layout pads trying to get decent work up. Great work is watered down over endless meetings with middle level clients desperately trying to second guess big cheeses who are in turn desperately chasing ever decreasing sales to the bottom of a greasy barrel of bland, meaningless product values. Vague comments by a single person in a research group are enough to pull the backbone out of an entire strategy and campaign. And budgets are generally laughable. Ads like this and the recent Whopper Calls stand out by a mile, not because they are great ads, but because they are half decent and not total, thoughtless shit like the other 99% ends up. We can all do great work. We all want to do great work - unfortunately the grossly conservative atmosphere we live in is killing us and the Australian ad industry.

NoCredit said:

Shame Blackbird won't credit anyone who helped them make it. Shame the post team isn't credited here. Typical really. Credit the media buyers but not the people who make the art that sells the product.

walker said:

when will the walk assist be available in Australia

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