Porter Davis unveils timely #campaignforrespect integrated work via Honey Communications

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.28.06 am.jpgCB Exclusive - Victorian home-builder Porter Davis has launched a timely television commercial, in addition to outdoor and social media for #campaignforrespect with the support and encouragement of their high profile industry partners via Honey Communications.

The Porter Davis marketing team worked in tandem with Fiona Leeming, executive creative director of Honey Communications, to create this campaign that promotes a more positive, inclusive message of mutual respect.

The campaign first kicked off in October 2016, with a billboard in Times Square NYC and an exhibition in Melbourne City Square of thought provoking black and white portraits of a diverse range of Australians captured by renowned Australian photographer Nick Leary. A portrait can capture the heart and soul of the protagonist in a unique, truthful and engaging way and allow the audience to connect on a very real level. The raw and captivating portraits perfectly capture the areas where the conversation around respect is most critical; religion, race, gender, sexual equality and age discrimination.

Says Anthony Roberts, founder and managing director: "Great communities are built on respect. Our ethos 'Respect the Dream' is what we are known for, but we're not just building someone's dream home, we're building the foundation for happy, healthy communities."

Says Leeming: " It was always our dream to take our campaign to television and continue the conversation on air to remind people of the crucial role respect plays in our daily lives within our diverse and sometimes divided community."

Inspiring interviews and intimate moments with families were shot on film 'behind the scenes' of the portrait photography shoot. The launch 30 seconds television commercial features just some of the caught moments and conversations of what 'respect' means to each of the people involved.
Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.27.58 am.jpgSays Paul Wolff, director, Porter Davis: "Our customers come from diverse backgrounds. They all have their own story to tell. We don't see our customers as stereotypes. We see real people, the people wanting to build a home and put down roots. People who want to create a bright future for their family. It is important to us that they feel welcome and respected. Diversity is our everyday."
Porter Davis' core company value is respecting its customers and it is taking it to another level with this television commercial with support from high profile industry partners such as AAA Trusses, CSR, Satterley, Austral Bricks, Reece, Rinnai, National Tiles, USG Boral, Lendlease, Technika and Frasers Property.

Celebrated Australians have added their voice to the conversation in social media, sharing their personal thoughts on the important role respect plays in our lives and communities. Porter Davis has committed to an outdoor campaign that will be running over the next two years and will be supported by social media and ongoing exhibitions.


What said:

Absolute nonsense with no link to the brand at all. And why would you put a billboard in Times Square? I'd take a long hard look at yourselves and consider actually donating your entire marketing budget to charity instead because you're basically setting it on fire now

anom said:

Timely airing. Hopefully some respect will be shown in the comments left on this blog. Good to see a company like Porter Davis adding to an important community discussion. And hopefully following through with how clients rate customer satisfaction. Its been a long time since customers felt respected so you've set the bar high. Good job.

Respectable said:

One hates to be snarky about a campaign which (giving them benefit of the doubt) seems to have good intentions.

And it is sweet Porter Davis are proud enough to PR their creation here.

Unfortunately the actual video is a brilliant example of why it is sometimes wiser to use professionals. In 30 seconds you go from an unintelligible thing about mixed race babies, to an absurd AFL thing, to an even more absurd behind the scenes thing.

I feel lazy about using Thing so often but no other words works.

Here's a free idea.

Do something as part of your business that shows respect. Give a refugee free accomodation. Host a SSM. Host a controversial free speech advocate. Create safe zones for LBGTTS. Name your developments for the indigenous folk. Whatever.

Film that.

Respect what you do not what you say said:

Can PorterDavis please inform CB's readers what annual financial contribution they make to charitable causes?
Otherwise, I'm calling this campaign for what it is - 'vacuous bull***t' from a client and agency piggy-backing on a real issue for commercial gain.
That shouldn't be deserving of anyone's respect.

WTF is this?! said:

talk about a REALLY long bow. i give this campaign 5 minutes before it fizzles into ether.

Guess what? said:

People don't know what Porter Davis is and it doesn't say what it is in the advertising. I thought it was a fashion brand. Your billboards are a waste.

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