Swann Insurance launches 'Inconvenience Stores' in new campaign via CHE Proximity

swann_TVC (1).jpgAs the specialists in helping motorcyclists get out on the road, Swann Insurance is giving them even more reasons to ride in a new campaign from CHE Proximity.

Turning an everyday errand into an epic journey, a series of Swann 'Inconvenience Stores' are launching in remote locations, at the end of some of Australia's best motorcycle rides. Stocked with 'Inconvenient Products' including milk, chocolate and toilet paper, what used to be a quick trip to the shops, is now a reason for riders to get on their bikes and open the throttle.

swann_TVC 2 (1).jpgLaunching on TV, the campaign encourages riders to pick up the milk by finding their furthest store on Google maps. The film is supported by social, PR, a range of riders pledging to get the milk, outdoor that informs riders how far the next store is, and a line of inconvenient products that double as a 10% off policy with Swann Insurance.

Says Rita Ibrahim, marketing manager - Swann Insurance: "We've found that many Aussies have the best intentions when it Swann_ride (1).jpgcomes to riding, but life often gets in a way. Now they have a new reason to get out on the open road".

Says Ant White, executive creative director, CHE Proximity "It took a client with a great understanding of their customer to trust that creating milk and dunny paper, then stocking them on some of Australia's best rides would get the attention of motorbike riders."

The products will be stocked in fridges and shelves around Australia for the next two months.

"Milk isn't obviously a long-standing campaign. It's a fun way to remind riders to get on their bikes. When the milk runs dry, we'll have to come up with another reason to ride."

Store details:
Glenlyon General Store
63 Barkly St, Glenlyon VIC 3461
Store opens: Saturday 9th September until stocks last

Little Rae
1/65 Queen St, Berry NSW 2535
Store opens: Saturday 16th September until stocks last

The Bunyas General Store
Bunya Avenue, Dandabah Village QLD 4405
Store opens: Saturday 23rd September until stocks last

New Vogue Roadhouse
87 Mitchell St, Bourke NSW 2840
Store opens: Friday 29h September until stocks last

CEO - Chris Howatson
Managing Director - Michael Titshall
Group Account Director - Bryce Coombe
Senior Planner - Nathan Rogers
Senior Account Manager - Sophie Turner
Account Executive - Andrew Mitchell
Senior Operations Manager - Pravina Kumar

Executive Creative Director - Ant White
Creative Directors - Joe Hill / Garret Fitzgerald
Creatives - Cameron Bell / Sam Dickson

Head of Print Production - Shayne Simpson
Print Production Manager -Tom Weller
Head of Craft - Matt Allpass

Head of CHEP Films - Julie Duff
Post Producer - Jen Livingston
Director - Matt Weston
DOP - Liam Gilmour
Edit / VFX - Damian Capicchiano
Sound Post - Matt Thompson

General Manager - Simone Pipkorn
Head of Media Engagement - Amber Petty
Senior Account Director / Account Director - Laura Janus / Fleur Williamson
Account Coordinator- Nate Serravite

Swann Insurance:
General Manager - Vaughan Coots
Marketing Manager - Rita Ibrahim
Sales & Marketing Specialist - Elizabete Agra


Hmmmmm said:

Very famous Gary Larson cartoon.

sm said:

Simple, funny, integrated. Like it.

Mick said:


Ben Birchall said:

wow this is cool stuff. almost as cool as my band klinger. which i was in.

Nah, Yeah. said:

I dig this. Nice idea, team.

Well done dudes! Hope to see more like this from youz.

... said:

Oh I get it, it's like;
The Cliffside Shop - Only climbers could get to
The most remote dealership in the world - Only Jeeps could get to
The jump store - Get your pair of Adidas if you could jump and reach the shelf they were on.

It's nice, just feel like I've seen it before.

Netflix and Bir-chill. said:

Funny from Ben Birchall. He is funny and cool.

Deb said:

Love this. Elegant and smart.

Same, same but different said:

Motorbikes meets Zuji?

Yehnah said:

Saw it on TV before I saw the full version. It's just misses the mark for me. I genuinely thought it may have been a job client did in-house.

Tiger Airways said:

So kind of like Infrequent Flyers but different?

Deb said:

Love this. Elegant and smart.

@TIger Airways said:

No, not like that at all.

Good try tho.

EP said:

I really enjoyed watching this. Beautifully shot and charming idea, that hones in on a nice insight. Well done boys!

I like it said:

i like it

Actually, yes said:

Seen before. Feels like Zuji beans but for Motorbike riders, not travelers.

Gordon Ramsey said:

Isn't this how Michelin stars started?

This is good said:

Taps into a simple insight that people who have classic vehicles or bikes often need an excuse to drive a bit further. Like it.

Impossible said:

That Triumph would have conked out miles ago

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