Premium tea brand T2 powers up in debut campaign from Cummins&Partners, Melbourne

To the power of T2.jpgFor the first time in its history, premium tea brand T2 has launched a major TTL campaign to continue its global growth push with Cummins&Partners, Melbourne.

The campaign - To The Power of T2 - is being rolled across TVC, digital and social. The T2 campaign is the first from Cummins&Partners, having being awarded the business earlier in the year.

"We are thrilled to launch our first ever TV campaign together with C&P. The campaign is a perfect representation of our brand and what we stand for and we have already had incredibly positive feedback from T2 fans," said Jane Hoban, Global Director Marketing at T2.

"We love tea and all the different ways it makes us feel. At T2 we take it one step further, multiplying every tea moment into something a little out of the ordinary," said Hoban.

"Drinking tea is a very personal experience," says Cummins&Partners founder Sean Cummins, "but currently people aren't taking 3 minutes out of their day to brew a cup of loose leaf. By positioning T2 as a product that helps to amplify these moments or feelings, we are giving people an excuse and reason to take that little bit of extra time for themselves."


The answer... said:

No tea makes me feel any of these things.

Answer back said:

@the answer
You are probably drinking dust in tea bags you poor thing.
I love the T2 brand and these capture the essence quite nicely. It is tea. And it is a fine thing.

tea please said:

I like!

And it makes me want a cup of tea too!

Job done.

Honest feedback said:

Guys, just because there’s a 2 in the product name, doesn’t automatically mean that the concept has to be ‘stuff to the power of 2’.

Great brand, great product - and nice production values. But it comes across as a tenuous longbow at best and a self-important load of bollocks at worst.

Before another person from Cummins - which I really like and respect as an agency -anonymously says ‘punters are gonna love it’, take another look. Tea, no matter how good it is, does not make you feel like a Valkyrie riding the tempest to the power of 2. You didn’t capture the spirit of the product or the brand. And that’s bad advertising.

All Name and No Game said:

I just don't get the sensation of taste. Thats what T2 is to me.

I like the language but the imagery doesn't connect or inspire me, or conjure up positive feelings of the tastes that t2 teas have when i have taste tested them.

Awesome^2 said:

This is probably the last thing punters to see from a tea brand.
It's bold.
It's fresh.
It's premium.
Just like the products themselves – I love it.

Forced said:

Unless you are a bearded hipster or a girl in petticoat and ruffle stocks you wont get this tea? Trying too hard, when real tea drinkers don't try at all. My mum will be confused by these.

@Forced said:

I know your mum and she told me she loves it.

Your mum isn't confused said:

Because your mum loves blokes with beards.

@ Honest feedback said:

A great ECD that I once worked for used to say 'First you win the work, then you do the work.'

Which means you create your pitch work to win the pitch - and as we all know, this usually requires blowing a healthy cloud of smoke up the client's bum.

(Awesome)2 is a pitch winning idea, clearly, since they now have the brand and you don't. So this campaign deserves nothing less than congratulations - it has already done its job.

I look forward to seeing the next campaign, and I'll reserve judgement 'til then.

My 2 cents said:

I think it does a great job at elevating the brand above the tea category. T2 has always had an attitude and these ads capture that attitude.

my cup of tea said:

I think it does a great job of elevating the brand above the traditional tea category. T2 has always been a brand with attitude and these ads deliver that attitude.

power of 2 said:

The power of 2 idea is a good advertising idea. It brands the product unmistakably and it works conceptually. These are nice ads with a good idea. Not Cannes or D&AD but nice ads which are a lot better than 95% of stuff you'll be seeing on your screens at the moment.

It's hard to do work. It's harder to get it through. The last thing we need is morons picking holes for the sake of it.

Yawn said:

Not my cup of tea.

phonebooks said:

This is bloody terrible lol.

@ power of 2 said:

No, it's not. It's a shitty first base advertising idea. It couldn't have taken more than half an hour to come up with. Most would have immediately discarded it. It's a non-idea.

So to you, and Aussie creatives in general: just sticking a bit of the fucking client's name into a concept does not make it a good concept.

People aren't so fucking stupid as to thing 'hmm, orgasm to the power of 2, that must be good. I'll have some of that tea.'

This advertising doesn't capture anything related to tea. It doesn't matter if your call one of your tea flavours Orange Onioney Orgasm, it's still tea. That's what it's missing. There's no fucking truth here.

So now some dumb fucking cunt is going to point out that advertising needs to be aspirational to the brand, not just reflect it. I agree. But it has to be an aspirational reflection of the truth - whereas this is just a reflection of the brand manager's ego.

So, fuck off.

Donald J Trumpet said:

@at my 2 cents & My cup of tea

Even I know how to use the internet better than you... tf?

@@ power of 2 said:

Settle down champ. Sounds like you need a good cup of camomile (or 2).

Account Circus said:

@ @ power of 2

Fucking hell mate - who pissed in your Lan Choo this morning?

@Trumpet said:

So bloody funny! Get off the blog, Cumminions...

Lou Rubin said:

This is great news Sean. Congratulations to you and your team for bringing an idea to life and into the market.

Nope said:

Watched this last night. Was bad.

Cummins&Partners staffers need to stay off the blog and get stuck into doing some work that's good.

Teabagging said:

Oooops Too similiar for T2.... my two cents and my cup of tea are the same ... was this done with one person housing two personalities... or split personality .... or agency worker?

Would like to see what comes next said:

A nice concept that captures the zany T2 brand, their whacky tea variety and pushes T2 out of the boring tea drinking category.

Wow said:

What a fresh, fantastic and bold idea.

This will sell tea and attract awards like a magnet.

Well done.

tea drinker said:

I like it. T2 isn't your ordinary supermarket brand of tea. It's a fun energetic colorful brand that wants to be seen that way and that's what the ad does. It may not be the most creative idea I've seen but it's quirky and fun and I think that's what T2 is about.

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