Virgin Money launches its new 'extraordinarily rewarding' campaign via JOY and Brilliant Films

Extraordinarily Rewarding.jpgVirgin Money has launched a new campaign via JOY, that highlights the brand's desire to make financial services simple and more rewarding.

The campaign will run across TV, digital and social media as well as being promoted to Velocity's frequent flyer members, with an aim of creating impact and engaging Virgin Money's audience emotionally.

Says Danielle Williams, general manager, marketing and customer experience, Virgin Money: "Australians are well-aware of the value they deliver to financial institutions, but they believe there is a disconnect in the service they receive.

"At Virgin Money, we're all for breaking down the complexity of financial services. Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve their personal aspirations and recognise and reward their value to us."

Virgin Money's strategic partnership with Velocity Frequent Flyer is a focus of the campaign, which is supported by a range of air-line linked offers across Virgin Money's home loans, credit cards, insurances and superannuation.

Says Williams on how the campaign showcases what sets Virgin Money apart: "Only Virgin Money brings together a unique combination of great value products, simplicity and service, with a Virgin flair that really counts, rewarding our customers with the ability to enjoy amazing experiences. After all, they've earned it."

The 60 second commercial, directed by Nick Robertson of Brilliant Films, follows Australians' journeys as they become smarter with money, finishing with recognition that "Money doesn't come easily, but with Virgin Money it's easy to get rewarded in ways you've never dreamed of."

Says Nicole Milward, managing partner, Joy: "People often feel disempowered when it comes to dealing with financial institutions. The campaign is designed to demonstrate that Virgin Money understands its customers and their financial journeys and is in some ways putting the power back into their hands by opening up new ways to be rewarded for choosing from their expanding range of products."

Says Dan O'Bey, creative lead, Joy: "Opportunities to work with a Virgin brand don't come along everyday. And we've always fantasised about having a home loan that took us away on holiday. So making this film with acclaimed director Nick 'Robbo' Robertson was an extraordinarily rewarding experience all 'round."

Creative: JOY
Production: Brilliant Films
Post Production: Vandal Films
Sound House: Sonar
Media: OMD
Social media & content: Present Company


Noel said:

Like it! Cuts through the clutter in this category.

Noel said:

Like it! Cuts through the clutter in this category.

who cares said:

did it need pr?

Noel said:

Like it! Cuts through the clutter in this category.

Wow said:

Noel likes it a lot.

Somebody actually paying attention said:

For a brand that's trying to say they are making 'financial services simple and more rewarding.' there is a mountain of complex crap both in the article and the voiceover.

Sorry, you've lost me.

Leon said:

Hate it! Adds to the clutter in this category.

LA Producer said:

There's something very odd about the VO and sound mix. They seem to be competing with the message of the ad. Gives the whole idea a very frantic and clumsy feel. Not very reassuring.

an ad for anyone said:

This is so generic you could use it for any bank in Australia. Every bank says this stuff

@LA Producer said:

What is the message of the ad?

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