Concrete Playground launches voice-activated nightlife guide app via Google Assistant

Google-Assistant Screenshot.jpgDigital publisher Concrete Playground has today announced the launch of a new app that helps Millennials plan their night out using voice control - the first of its kind to become available in Australia. Concrete Playground's 'Guide to Tonight' now works with Google Assistant, making it available on a range of Google devices and helping people to decide what to eat, drink and do in their area.
The announcement follows last month's launch of Google's developer platform, Actions on Google, enabling brands to build apps that use Google Assistant technology, giving Australians faster and easier access to a range of services and content.

Just say "Ok Google, talk to Concrete Playground" to access Concrete Playground's new app through the Google Assistant. Concrete Playground's Guide to Tonight is now available through the Google Assistant, available on Google Home, Google Home Mini, Pixel smartphones, Android phones, iPhones, eligible headphones and Google Pixel buds.

Says Rich Fogarty, founder and director at Concrete Playground: "We've all been in a position where we are indecisive or overwhelmed with options for a night out. The Guide to Tonight takes care of that decision, giving you advice on the best thing for you to do based on whether you feel like a drink, a meal or doing something more active.

"Based on your preferences, it then asks you a few follow up questions and within seconds you have a recommendation tailored to your needs and wants."

The integration with the Google Assistant follows Concrete Playground's recent collaboration with Mazda for the launch of the interactive search functionality, The Playmaker, which allows readers to personalise their experience on the site and receive curated suggestions based on where they are, what time it is, and what they want to do.

Says Fogarty: "We are continuously looking for new and more intuitive ways for our audience to maximise their surroundings and have a good time, and this app is the next step for us on that journey.

"It's a really exciting space to be in, and we see so much potential with the possibilities created through the Google Assistant. It's the future, and we want to be at the forefront of that to give our readers the best experience possible."

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