Optus Sport unveils 'Fancestry' platform via M&C Saatchi to help fans discover their EPL heritage

fancestry_mobile (1).jpgOptus has launched a new digital platform via M&C Saatchi Sydney, where Australian sports fans can discover their English Premier League (EPL) heritage and identify the team they were born to support.

In collaboration with Ancestry Australia, ​Optus has created Fancestry, an interactive site that analyses users' surnames against 20 billion records to identify which team their​ ​ancestors​ ​are​ ​likely​ ​to​ ​have​ ​supported.

Says Corin Dimopoulos, head of television and content, Optus: "Optus Fancestry allows peop​le to learn more about their heritage and gives a new generation of Premier​ ​League​ ​fans​ ​the​ ​opportunity​ ​to​ ​discover​ ​their​ ​EPL​ ​roots.
"​Curious fans can also use it to get their hands on the information they need to understand​ ​their​ ​new​ ​club's​ ​history​ ​and​ ​players,​ ​and​ ​stay​ ​up-to-date​ ​on​ ​the​ ​matches."

Says Nigel Seeto, marketing director, Ancestry: "Ancestry helps people gain a new level of understanding about their lives and the story that led to them. Optus Fancestry brings this to life in a fun and relevant way for a new generation of Premier League​ ​fans,​ ​ensuring​ ​they​ ​can​ ​discover​ ​more​ ​about​ ​their​ ​sporting​ ​heritage."

Says Michael Canning, ECD, M&C Saatchi: "Like most Australians I love sport, but in Australia you don't grow up with a Premier League team. By tracing your ancestors back multiple generations you get a perfect reason to follow the team you were born to support this Premier League season".

Says David Jackson, CD, M&C Saatchi: "As a long-time supporter of Leeds United and the days of Harry Kewell and Mark, I was gutted when Fancestry told me my team was Burnley. But since Leeds United are currently running around in the 2nd Division, I finally have a team to cheer for during this Premier League season."

Says Andy Flemming, CD, M&C Saatchi: "Fancestry's one of those ideas that's so wonderfully simple we're amazed that it hasn't been done before. As the only real Pom on the team, I was still intrigued to find out which team my ancestors went for. And no. I shan't be replacing my beloved Brighton with Burnley."

Says Mark Schwarzer, former Australian Soccer Player and Optus Sport Premier League expert:  "Having played in the Premier League, I've witnessed what it's like to be surrounded by such passionate fans and it's an incredible experience. Most Premier League fans have loyally supported their team for generations and this passion shines through to the players. I love that Optus Fancestry is giving Australians the opportunity to discover their team based on their family heritage. They can revive old family traditions and identify the teams they were born to support."

While Fancestry gives the most accurate results to Australians whose ancestors can be traced back to the UK, it has been designed to find a team for everyone. If Fancestry can't find any British ancestors living in the UK at the turn of the 19t​h century, it will determine the user's family name, country of origin and use UK migration​ ​data​ ​to​ ​pinpoint​ ​a​ ​team​ ​their​ ​fellow​ ​countryman​ ​would​ ​have​ ​supported.

Users who discover their team via Fancestry are eligible for a 14-day trial of the live and exclusive Premier League coverage on Optus Sport. Users are also provided with the times and dates their new team will be playing so they can stay up to date on matches​ ​through​ ​Optus​ ​Sport.

Fancestry ​ ​can​ ​be​ ​accessed​ ​on​ ​any​ ​device,​ ​​whether​ ​users​ ​are​ ​at​ ​home​ ​or​ ​on-the-go. To​ ​find​ ​your​ ​team​ ​with​ ​Fancestry​ ​ head​ ​to​ ​​fancestry.optus.com.au.

Optus Sport is the only place you can watch every match of the English Premier League live at home, in selected venues or on-the-go, data free. To find out more about the Optus Sport live streaming of the English Premier League visit: https://sport.optus.com.au/.

Agency: M&C Saatchi Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Michael Canning
Creative Director: Andy Flemming
Creative Director: David Jackson
Senior Creative: Luke Simkins
Executive Digital Producer: Gemma Heyes
Group Head: Jonny Berger
Group Head: Adrianne Nixon
Senior Account Manager: Chris Warden
Integrated Producer: Zoe Andrews
Senior Software Engineer: Ben Patterson
Integrated Designer: Bianca Cassaniti
Creative Technologist: Simon Kent
UX Director: Ken Mariewski
Digital Producers: Mike Montgomery


JW said:

This is a cool idea that seems lacking in execution, unless I'm missing something.

I logged in through Facebook and then it just said 'Your team is Arsenal'.

That's it?

Some kind of info to substantiate it would've been really nice.

The thought is great.

Try scrolling said:

Hey JW

I got Everton which seems to be your rival

When I scrolled down, I got a break down of the counties and how they traced my ancestry to my team. Plus some info on the side.

Try scrolling down. I did it on my mobile so not sure about desktop.

Matty said:

A genuinely good idea. That makes a change.

I’m Tottenham by the way. Are they any good?

Wow said:

Both CDs got Burnley. What a PR BS coincidence.

Andy Flemming said:

My mistake: testing n’ all that.

I’m Liverpool.

Well, Brighton & Hove more recently.

Pre-Cam said:

You gotta have a team + facebook.

Nope said:

This doesn't make me want to pay large amounts to watch football.

Missed opportunity said:

Yet another great idea out of M&C. Yet another poor digital creative execution out of M&C.

Celeste Toffanello said:

This is so great guys. So glad it's come to fruition. Super stoked for you all!

Good UX thinking said:

Love that allows married women to enter their maiden name.

Thanks said:

Finally a nice simply executed insightful idea. We all know how hard it is to make those kind of things these days so hats off to the team at M&C.

I love it how everyone on this blog just thinks everyone gets to make everything they want exactly how it they want to every time.

Like time never becomes an issue or budget or resource or both.

Matt said:

i fucking hate that you gave me arsenal. but nice idea!

Alex R said:

Good to see one off the wall get up! Well done chaps.

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