Qantas targets US travellers in new 'Not Your Typical Airline' campaign via BWM Dentsu

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 8.18.17 am.jpgIn a new digital and online campaign targeting US travellers Qantas is encouraging more Americans to holiday in Australia by offering to pay for their passport.

Qantas' 'Not Your Typical Airline' campaign has launched in the US and is timed to support the arrival of the airline's new 787 Dreamliner.

The video and digital banner ads tap into the insight that only 40 per cent of Americans hold a valid passport and that Qantas is offering these travellers a US$135 discount, or the cost of a US passport, off their next ticket to Australia.

passportfares_preview.jpgOther components of the campaign showcase the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru as well as Australia's unique hiking trails, outback water holes and native animals, explaining that Australia also offers not your typical vacation experience.

Qantas chief customer officer Olivia Wirth said the airline is keen to encourage more Americans to apply for a passport and make Australia their next international holiday.

Says Wirth: "Australia is in the top five destinations Americans would consider traveling to in the next four years, yet more than half the population do not hold a valid passport.

"We want to make this process easier and offer our American customers US$135 off the price of their fare, essentially covering the cost of a new passport.

"As Australia's national carrier we are proud and excited to share all that Australia has to offer - and with this campaign we are keen to help boost tourism to our cities, towns and regional areas at the same time."

Qantas_Constellation_Crown-760x200_preview.jpegMore than eight million international visitors travelled to Australia in the year ending June 2017, injecting $40.6 billion into theTablet-Mobile_Qantas_Constellation_Crown-768x432-v2_preview.jpeg Australian economy. Of these, 753,000 visitors were from the US spending a total of $3.7 billion during their stay, up seven per cent on the previous year.

Just over a third of US travellers visit up to five regions when travelling to Australia, following food and wine trails, exploring coastal areas and spending time experiencing Australia's native animals and wildlife.

Qantas offers more non-stop flights per week between the US and Australia than any other airline with direct flights from Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas/Fort Worth and Vancouver.

It is the only carrier to operate the award-winning A380 between the US and Australia, and in December 2017, will add a new service from Los Angeles to Melbourne on the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Agency - BWM Dentsu Sydney
Chief Creative Officer - Rob Belgiovane
Executive Creative Director - Asheen Naidu
Senior Copywriter - Oskar Westerdal    
Senior Art Director -  RenĂ© Schultz
Senior Strategic Planner - Caitlin Schuch
Client Service Director - Brent Kerby
Account Director - Bonnie Ledsam
Senior Account Manager - Chris Murphy                    
Agency Producer - Emma Durlacher                           
Production Company - Infinity Squared
Director - Melvin J Montalban
Executive Producer - Cathy Rechichi
Producer - Caroline David
Sound Post Production - Rumble Studios
Executive Producer - Michael Gie
Sound Designer - Cam Milne


Fatty said:

Any news of who won the NRL pitch?

Yikes said:

I hope he can fly a plane better than he can act.

Steven Toast said:

That man is brimming with charisssmaaaaaayyy

Marketing and PR said: said:

Wow. Acting and focus pulling lessons anyone?

good idea said:

bad execution

Hmmmmm said:

Looks like a dude that's stinging for a kick on..... Cant even get his passport in his pocket.

It's a start... said:

Good idea, terrible execution. Hope it goes deeper... there is genuine merit in this strategy for the US.

It's a start... said:

Good idea, terrible execution. Hope it goes deeper... there is genuine merit in this strategy for the US.

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