Foxtel promotes its new Foxtel Now Box offering in latest television campaign via TBWA Sydney

foxtel image 1.jpgFoxtel has launched a new campaign via TBWA Sydney for its new streaming device - the Foxtel Now Box, the simple way to stream Foxtel Now direct to your TV.

The campaign creates a spectacular and imaginative world, demonstrating how Foxtel is living up to its promise of providing easy access to entertainment that's for everyone.

foxtel image 2.jpgThe TVC celebrates the beauty and simplicity of Foxtel's new way to experience the best choice in live sport, new movies, TV and complete seasons, by visualising the streams of content as they make their journey from device to screen.

Says Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer, TBWA Sydney: "We wanted to demonstrate this innovative piece of technology by heroing its beautifully simple functionality and bringing Foxtel's unsurpassed content to life in a striking manner. Creating an energetic world that is limitless to the imagination."

It was brought to life by teams at Alt.vfx and New Holland, led by director Brendan Savage.

Says Savage: "New Holland's specialty is design in motion, so this was an awesome opportunity for us to work alongside the artists at Alt.vfx, whose skills lie in high-end CG and animation, and the creative team at TBWA. We've produced something that really captures the imagination of viewers to make the switch to streaming Foxtel Now, and shows the limitless possibilities of the new service."

The Foxtel Now Box is the newest product in the Foxtel suite, aimed at an audience that loves to stream. It's available for an affordable $99.

Says Olivia Nixon, head of brand marketing: content and products, Foxtel: The Foxtel Now Box is the convenient and affordable way to get Foxtel in any home. Just plug it in and you've got access to the world's best content, on the best screen in the house - your TV."

The TVC is complemented at launch by awareness comms, including outdoor, transit, print, social and high impact digital, developed and produced by Felix, Foxtel's internal creative agency. This will be followed by content-led comms including outdoor, social and digital.

Director of Brand Marketing: Content & Products - Rob Farmer
Head of Brand Marketing: Content & Products - Olivia Nixon
Brand Marketing Manager - Alex Bruce
Creative Agency - TBWA
Chief Creative Officer - Andy DiLallo
Associate Creative Director - Steve Hanzic
Associate Creative Director - Nev Fordyce
Group Account Director - Camilla Stapley
Account Directors - Dave Matthews & Sarah Cornish
Account Manager - Cosmo Haskard
Production - Felix
Head of Design - Daniel Evans
Art Director - Peter Renigeris
Copywriter - Keith Cox
Head of Creative Communications Management - Amy Alder
Creative Communications Manager - Claire Blackall
Senior Producer - Galadriel Roussos
Digital Producer - Jake Withey
Production House - New Holland Creative & Alt
Design - New Holland Creative
Direction - Brendan Savage
VFX Supervision - Colin Renshaw
Animation Direction and Particle FX - New Holland
Creative Lighting - Alt VFX
Compositing & Flame - Alt VFX
Production - Alt VFX and New Holland Creative


Nice said:

Really solid, I like it.

Jeremy Williams said:

How it's work

Peter Nyp said:

When Rosine comes out on ABC well that will that be on that box or will it be on Foxtel

DoubleDip said:

I don't understand why the agencies pay double the mark up to have design done at NH then animation and VFX/comp at Alt. There are places that do it all, just as well, with less overheads, which means more money on screen.

Clueless said:

@doubledip You would probably find some clients actually appreciate quality and like getting the very best people on their projects. Usually the very best people stick to what they're good at, don't try to do it all and they know how to collaborate. From what I have seen NHC and Alt have a pretty cosy working relationship anyway so it's a mute point.

DoubleDip said:

@clueless you really are clueless just like your name (you also can't spell) and I suspect you're posting from either Alt or NH. Having the best people doesn't mean you need two places with two overheads, two sets of producers, etc. There are shops and studios that do it just the same under one roof. You have a few great VFX Artists and a few great designers - in one building with less overheads. They can each be "the best" but they're not paying two sets of rent, employee costs, blah blah. wise up mate. The industry is becoming leaner and more agile and this nepotistic waste won't be tolerated for many more years. "Cost"? Ha!

Winner said:

@DoubleDip I guess the industry does care about quality work even if it costs a little extra sometimes, otherwise you'd be busier. More work, less parties maybe...?

And I suspect I know where you're posting from... ;-)

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