IronMan takes on notorious wave in a campaign for Kellogg's Nutri-Grain via Brand Faction

Shipsterns_Crash_preview.jpgKellogg Australia has launched the latest in its Unstoppable campaign for Nutri-Grain, telling the story of an IronMan taking on Australia's most notorious wave, Ship Stern Bluff in Tasmania. Sydney content and sponsorship specialists Brand Faction have created an integrated campaign capturing the journey of Tasmanian three-time world champion Matt Bevilacqua's quest to put his reputation on the line in an attempt to conquer the treacherous wave.

Shipsterns_MattBev_preview.jpgThe program launched as a piece of hero content on the brand's YouTube channel and is rolling out in various formats across the brand's other social platforms.

Says Sarah Lynch, senior brand manager, Nutri-Grain: "This year's campaign has been about the brand really living up to its purpose of inspiring an Unstoppable life. We worked with our ambassadors to help them achieve goals that are out of their comfort zones and show that even elite athletes have doubts, fears, and challenges to overcome."

Earlier this year the brand partnered with the Sydney Swans to launch a content series chronicling the demands of the Club's talent identification program and gruelling pre-season fitness regimes.

Says Tony Gordon, managing director, Brand Faction: "IronMan is a distinctive brand asset for Nutri-Grain and for this project we wanted to drive affinity and relevance, applying the sport's Unstoppable values to surfing and AFL to engage with a broad audience. We've had amazing client support, tolerating a three-month waiting period over winter with the production team on standby for the perfect swell conditions.

"In the first half of the year the Sydney Swans content over-indexed on all key reach and engagement metrics, and we are expecting similar results from our big-wave surfing content."


Janine Brooker, Marketing Manager
Sarah Lynch, Senior Brand Manager
Jessica Williams, Assistant Brand Manager
Brand Faction
Tony Gordon, Managing Director
David Marsh, Account Director
Nathan Munro, Project Manager
Production: Beyond Action
Media: Mindshare


Asleep said said:

I would have yawned less if you'd told this story in 30 seconds.

Mike said:

So boring.

Blinded by ambition said:

Not quite as inspiring as the blind guy in the stuff JWT did.

Bit of false economy there.

Suit Surfer said:

Big gamble putting a clubbie on a wave like that. Respect.

Sandy said:

Great piece of work that builds on previous work.. I am assuming for a lot less $$ than what JWT charged!

Jack Sparrow said:

Ha. Only the guys that worked on it would know. Way to give yourself away on the blog chaps. Wish I liked your work as much as you do.

Cheap as chips said:

Pay peanuts. Get monkeys.

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