J Walter Thompson Melbourne wins John West; now AOR across entire Simplot brand portfolio

Michael_Godwin_BLWH.jpgFollowing a competitive pitch, J Walter Thompson Melbourne has added John West to its roster of Simplot brands.  JWT Melbourne is now agency of choice across Simplot's entire brand portfolio including Leggo's, Birds Eye, Lean Cuisine, I&J and Chicken Tonight.

JWT's remit across all Simplot brands, including John West, includes creative, brand strategy, shopper and social.

Says Michael Godwin (left), J Walter Thompson Melbourne's managing director: "From day one, we've found the Simplot team to be a delight to work with. They're smart, respectful of our point of view, they believe in investing in their brands, they want to play an active role in the development of a campaign and are extremely well qualified to do so.

"We're very thankful to be given the opportunity to work on John West and help reinvigorate the brand's reputation for outstanding, iconic campaigns. It's a big responsibility, but a challenge we can't wait to get started on."
Speaking about the decision to reduce its roster to one lead creative agency, Suzanne Harman, General Manager - Marketing, Simplot said: "Since their appointment in August last year, JWT has consistently impressed us with their strategic contribution, the quality of their creative and the depth of their team's engagement across all aspects of our business.

"They've proven themselves to be fabulous, collaborative partners and we're thrilled to recognize this by awarding them creative responsibilities for the John West brand."

Work on John West commences immediately


nice one said:

just out of interest, where handled it previously?

Young creative guy said:

It was previously with Cummins. However Simplot like to pitch there business every 3 months. It's there favourite thing to do. Allows them to avoid blame.

Simplost said:

Can’t recall any famous work for any Simplot brands from JWT. But I guess there must be comfort and safety in amazing (internal) strategy that never manifests itself in anything interesting.

@Simplot said:

Ever thought they maybe they just made sure it sold more product rather than being 'famous'?

Patronising Elder said:

@Young creative guy:

FFS, it's 'their' and 'their'.

There there there.

@@Simplost said:

They're not selling product. They're not selling anything. The company is so royally fucked that they don't know whether they're coming or going (answer: going).

Paralysed by fear and unable to make decisions. So they're being eaten alive by home brands.

Good luck JWT.

PS - being famous is equivalent to selling product when you're FMCG.

@@@Simplost said:

I'm guessing you have some kind of vested interest in bagging either the company, the agency or both??

@@@@Simplost said:

I didn't bag the agency - I wished them good luck.

And I didn't bag the client. Just made an observation.

They're actually very nice people for the most part. But there's too much fear in the business. They're mentally on the back foot. I'm telling you this from experience.

Right, as you were.

@@@@Simplost said:

Erm, no. You made no mention of wishing them good luck and mocked them sarcastically.

Here, let me remind you..

"Can’t recall any famous work for any Simplot brands from JWT. But I guess there must be comfort and safety in amazing (internal) strategy that never manifests itself in anything interesting."

@@@@@Simpleton said:

Oh, right. I wasn't actually the original poster. I was just commenting on your reply to the original poster.

So, no. No disparagement was intended.

This is all getting a bit silly now though, innit?

@@@@@@@@@@Simlost & @@@@@@@@@SimpleSimon said:

Nobody gives a rats arse except you two.

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