RARE launches 'Sample for Rare'; a beer brewed based on diversity stats for creative industry

RARE_SAMPLE for RARE_Cap Label and Packaging_4up_HR4 (1).jpgA new limited-edition beer, created by Melbourne-based beer company ​SAMPLE Brew​ especially for Sydney event D&AD RARE has been brewed using data that demonstrates the lack of diversity in the creative industry.

Named SAMPLE for RARE, the new beer aims to kick-start the much needed diversity discussion across the industry.
Rare Beer 2.jpgSAMPLE used data developed by Workplace Gender Equality Agency and Clemenger NZ, across gender split in senior positions, LGBTQ representation, the gender pay gap, the number of Non-European individuals, and those with disabilities or special needs - to create a brew that is representative of the industry it was borne out of.

Rare Beer.jpgSays Ennis Cehic, brand director, SAMPLE Brew: "We're a brand that believes beer is the ideal supplement to conversations and creative thinking, and SAMPLE for RARE is the perfect example of our philosophy. It's the ideal trigger for this important discussion."

The beer draws its inspiration from the philosophy of RARE - to champion diversity in the creative industry - with key ingredients formulated to statistics. Pale Barley and Pale Wheat make up 82.9% and 17.1% respectively to represent the male to female split of CEOs within the industry. The ABV, Alcohol by Volume, is set at 6% for the number of gay, lesbian and bisexuals in the industry, while the IBU (International Bittering Units) sits at 21.9%, signifying the current pay gap between males and females.

Says Arron Ollington, head of brand experience and activation at SAMPLE Brew who project-managed the multi-collaboration: "The pay gap is supposed to leave a bitter taste in your mouth."

For labels and packaging, design partner Maud collaborated with local artists Vexta, Gemma O'Brien, Minky Stapleton and Andrew J Steel to create singular designs for the unique bottles.

Says Tom Fethers, design lead: "We've picked the Rarest form of packaging design: limited edition hand painted bottles to celebrate the craft of graffiti and expression. Each bottle is itself rare, an reflection of these brilliant artists."

4.jpgSays Tara Mckenty, co-chair, RARE: "We wanted the beer to address two key things, and that is to highlight the lack of diversity within the creative industry, but importantly, to champion for change and increased representation. It marks the flavour of now and we hope it starts a discussion in the industry."

Only 570 bottles have been produced and will be available to try at the Rare Masterclass wrap party on November 24th from 5:30pm. Packs of the beer will be also be up for sale at the art auction alongside original artworks by the Rare artists in residence.

The event will be hosted in Sydney at The Glue Society and is open to all working in the creative industries - tickets and further event details can be found ​HERE​.

Creative Director: David Park
Designer: Tom Fethers

Brand Director: Ennis Cehic
Head of Brand Experience & Activation: Arron Ollington

Creatives: Tara Mckenty and Stefanie DiGianviencenzo


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