CX agency Lavender appoints ex-Wunderman ECD Anna Karena to chief creative officer role

Lavender_Anna Karena (1).jpgCX agency Lavender has today announced that Anna Karena will assume the position of chief creative officer.

She will succeed Marco Eychenne, ECD, who left in October this year. As chief creative officer, Karena will take responsibility for directing CX Lavender's overall customer experience design. Karena will work with ECD, Ryan Stubna and head of experience design, Mitch Seeto.

A highly awarded and globally experienced creative leader, Karena returns to CX agency Lavender following three years at Wunderman as ECD.

Says Karena: "I'm honoured and excited to lead the CX Lavender creative and design teams. The commitment of everyone in this company to the customer and its clients, is extraordinary and it is what makes this organisation very special.
"The most creative businesses in the world are no longer agencies - and creativity is no longer something that can exist in just one department. This role will be to draw everyone with all their diverse talents - clients included - into the CX Lavender creative-solving formula.

"Ideas are not things that live in the ether, they're inside people. And the way they ignite, is when different kinds of people - who are cognitively diverse - collaborate."

Says Will Lavender, chairman, CX agency Lavender: "Anna is wise and calm and she truly understands who we are as a company. She was a founding team member back when we started the company and we're so happy to have her back in our midst."

CX agency Lavender is celebrating 20 years as Australia's longest standing independent agency.


Yes said:

Why did the comment come from Will and not Roy Capon?

Hard yards said:

Marco did amazingly well, lasted about 3 years longer than most people expected.

There were actually some decent ideas coming out of the place.
He's off the bus now, and I'd guess he's very bloody happy about it too.

Back to an idea free zone, but spotless copy decks.

@Yes said:

Or Tolstoy?

cold said:

Didnt take long

@hard yards said:

agree. very average creative with a record to match

hmmm said:

when you were being paid as much as Marco was, you too would have stayed longer than what is deemed tolerable so you could then get off the bus. well played indeed.

Oh, and it wasn't very idea laden when I mass produced work when I was there under him.

Mr Clean said:

Ideas are so overrated, I'll take a spotless copy deck any day!

what said:

some bitter comments here. sour much guys?

Jerome Gaslain said:

Marco did a fine job there and always tried hard to push for the best creative outcome and awards opportunities. No doubt Anna will follow that approach.

Will said:

Who took my hand sanitiser?

Anna Karena said:

I remember you and your copy deck comment from nearly 4 years ago hard yards.
You clearly hate me for some reason.

Next time you're in the news, 'Hard Yards', I'll resist the urge to say mean things about you.

And my name is not Hard Yards, Or Hmmm (but you're more thoughtful than hard yards hmmm). It's Anna Karena. And Karena isn't Tolstoy. It's Maori.

Cheers AK

Yikes said:

Not particularly tactful to comment against the trolls on an article about yourself. Also, I don't think 'hmm' was saying anything bad about you?

Will says said:

Anna, your copy decks may be spotless but your comment certainly isn't.

I said:

Well that turned quickly. Always hate reading negative comments on what is suppose to be good news. I know absolutely nothing about Lavender (are they not a DM agency?) or the people mentioned but clearly some bad blood and bitterness at play.
Congrats Anna! Ignore the hatred.

Idiots said:

what’s wrong with defending yourself against trolls? Congrats Anna

dobber said:

It’s interesting that in an industry full of creative people who talk about embracing diversity and inclusion we work to tear people down, not build people up. Maybe the focus would be better spent on creating some great’s just a thought.

Congratulations on the new job AK, Lavender are lucky to have you back for round two.

Sad for the haters said:

Wouldn’t you be better off channelling your energy into progressing your career, rather than knocking talented people who are progressing theirs?

Tour of Duty said:

I've seen a lot of people go through Lavender over the years. The good ones never stay long. The more "challenged" ones return for a second tour.

hmmm said:

@Jerome Gaslain:

'Marco did a fine job there and always tried hard to push for the best creative outcome and awards opportunities. No doubt Anna will follow that approach'.

That's what got Marco the sword. Pushed awards when he shouldn't.

Better watch out then, Anna.

@hmmm said:

Anna's best efforts have been bronzes at local shows back in the mid 2000's

Congratulations said:

Great news Anna. Screw these guys.

Er... said:

@Tour of Duty

Like Marco?

hmmm said:

@tour of duty.

Yes!! Soooo true.

And, they get paid stupidly well, for well, not really doing anything.

Don't get me wrong, that place works you and you will do heaps of work, but while your pockets will be lined, your head will be frayed and your book old.

God luck to them all, I guess.

Anna Karena said:

Just on the awards comment, a correction. I have more than 40 both local and international awards, including our local Grand Prix and judge regularly on the biggest juries in the world. You need awards to get asked to do that. Just for the record.

Leigh said:

Congrats Anna! You are the best!
Always loved working with you.
Leigh B

Barbara said:

I can feel a touch of the Streisand Effect happening here...

Mel lofts said:

Congrats Anna! Lavender are blessed to have someone as smart, strategic, creative and lovely as you!

Alex said:

Congratulations, Anna.
Lavender should be stoked to have such a talented head of creative after so long.

Will Edwards said:

Congrats Anna. Well deserved. Ignore the trolls. Good luck with the new gig.

PJK said:

Congratulations Anna! All the best to you and all at Lavender.

David Bell said:

Congrats and well done Anna, you've always handled yourself with great dignity and style. DB

Jamie W said:

Congratulations, Anna! I think this is wonderful news and well deserved. Ignore the cowardly haters.

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