The Creative Relay puts industry leaders on both side of the microphone in new podcast series

The Creative Relay Logo.jpgMusic and sound design leader Smith & Western has announced the launch of The Creative Relay, an exciting industry-first podcast series where Australia's most inspiring creative minds talk to the creatives who most inspire them.

Breaking the traditional podcast mould, the series has taken a relay-based approach - the baton is passed from creative to creative in each episode, as one episode's interviewee becomes the next episode's interviewer.

Each episode features a creative leader interviewing a fellow inspiring creative mind of their choice.

To listen to and download the first episodes of The Creative Relay, either go to or

There are 3 episodes ready for you to dive in to straight away with loads more to come in the next few weeks.
The Creative Relay - L to R - Dan Higson, Jonathan Kneebone, Ant Keogh, Paul Dunne.jpgPermanent host, writer and creative director Paul Dunne (far right) kicks off The Creative Relay with convention-defying creative Ant Keogh (third from left), recently appointed chief creative officer of The Monkeys Melbourne.

Says Dunne: "We had to start somewhere - and what better place than inside the head of Ant Keogh. He's an awe-inspiring creative powerhouse, and we were elated when he agreed to be our inaugural guest."

Keogh then turns the tables in episode two, interviewing his choice of subject, Jonathan Kneebone (above, second from left), writer/director and co-founder of The Glue Society.

Says Kneebone: "I think The Creative Relay podcast is a great idea. I mean how often do you get the chance to catch up and have a proper conversation with people in the industry when you're not completely pissed?"

The Creative Relay - L to R - Nick West, Paul Dunne, Tara Ford, Jonathan Kneebone, Dan Higson.jpgRounding out the launch trilogy, Kneebone peels away the layers and delves deep into the mind of DDB Sydney executive creative director Tara Ford (third from left) in episode three.

Says Ford: "It's easy to spend so much time head down working. So, it was wonderful to take some time to reflect and project on our industry, careers and creativity with some amazing people."

Adds Dunne: "I'm loving being in the room, with this revolving door of creatives. Their individual differences are just as interesting as the common themes that are emerging."

The Creative Relay Team - L to R - Paul Dunne, Dan Higson, Nick West.jpgThe Creative Relay series is the brainchild of creators and producers Dan Higson (centre) and Nick West (rught) from Smith & Western.

Says Dan Higson, executive producer, Smith & Western: "We were driven to create The Creative Relay because we wanted to do something that hadn't been done before. There are loads of podcasts out there - but there aren't a lot of creative leaders of the calibre we have pulled together. We think there is a keen interest in the industry to get inside the minds of creative leaders and discover what makes them tick and this series and its relay concept delivers that with a double dose of each."

Says Nick West, creative director at Smith & Western: "The podcasts are very chilled, relaxed and conversational and cover the personal stories that go beyond the usual industry-focused discussion. That's key to The Creative Relay because we've found it is often the stories-behind-the-story that uncover the greatest gems of insight, intrigue and inspiration."

Says Dunne: "We want the podcasts to be enlightening, but also a bit of a laugh. Fortunately, ad creatives tend to be a pretty funny bunch - and so far, everyone's been great company."

(Picture 1 L-R: Dan Higson, Jonathan Kneebone, Ant Keogh, Paul Dunne. Picture 2 L-R: Nick West, Paul Dunne, Tara Ford, Jonathan Kneebone, Dan Higson. Picture 3 L-R: Paul Dunne, Dan Higson, Nick West)


pugwash said:

oh f perlease.

LA Producer said:

Wow. More old white men (token woman) telling us all how to be creative. How 1980's of you all. Go Bro Club!

^^^pffft said:

Great concept Dan and Nick - hats off for getting this up and running. Look forward to having a listen and hopefully seeing a few of the haters eating humble pie.

How can you not like this? said:

I hope this lasts. And I hope it transcends creatives.

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