AIRBAG lures senior director Ben Saunders

Ben Saunders (1).jpgSenior director Ben Saunders has joined AIRBAG's directorial roster.

Saunders' style blends striking visuals with great performances, and a sensibility rooted in humour and truth. He has created memorable campaigns for AFL, Lipton, McDonald's, Caltex, Canon, and the award-winning VB Symphony.

Says Adrian Bosich, managing partner, AIRBAG: "Ben is that rare combination of a great director with a unique voice, and also a fantastic communicator. He's able to articulate the film he's wanting to create, and leads everybody - clients, agencies and crew - to that vision."
Says Saunders: "Adrian really stitched up my quote by banging on about being articulate. So let me start with a very long, rhythmic sentence, chock full of energy and emotion, infused with my personality and excitement about my move across to AIRBAG. Punctuated by a short, dramatic one. Then end on one punchy summary word. Awesome!"

When pressed to comment, head of production Martin Box: "We'd tried several lures, and eventually a humble curly tail grub managed to reel Ben in."

View Ben's work here.


Yuss! said:

Top work! AIRBAG are awesome.

Well done said:


George F said:

Congrats AIRBAG. Congrats Cyclone.

Mick B said:

Congrats on being lured Ben. I hear it's much better than being snared, snapped up or appointed.

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