Coca-Cola Australia launches new 'Coke's Epic Summer' creative campaign via Ogilvy Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 8.04.54 am.jpgCoca-Cola Australia has today announced the launch of its newest campaign - 'Coke's Epic Summer'.

The campaign is aimed at inspiring and enabling Australian teens to make their own summer "epic" with Coca-Cola at the heart of their memorable experiences throughout the season.

Further building the connection between Coke and summer, the campaign will be driven by a new TVC that will air during high profile programs including My Kitchen Rules, the Big Bash League and the Australian Open, as well as on key teen channels including MTV and Channel V. Online video content will feature across a number of the most watched teen digital properties including YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify.

The 'Coke's Epic Summer' campaign aims to reach teens in high-frequency summer hotspots - including cinemas, parks and beaches - and enhance their fun across a range of locations including Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sydney, as well as backyard house parties. This will be activated through impactful out-of-home formats and a prize mechanic featuring "Tear, Wear & Win" labels on packs.  As their name suggests, the call to action for consumers is to tear off the label and wear it as a wristband for their chance to win a range of "epic" summer prizes.

The list of epic prizes includes summer experiences popular with teens from partners such as, Village Theme Parks, Event Cinemas, Merlin Attractions, Red Balloon, Hoyts, Ticketek, EA Sports and Spotify. Each promotional bottle of Coke, Coke No Sugar, Coke Raspberry and Coke Vanilla will unlock great summer deals and offer the chance to win thousands of prizes.

Other key elements of the multi-million dollar campaign include a special launch pontoon party on Sydney Harbour, weekly social videos, PR, point-of-sale and influencer marketing. Coca-Cola's iconic Kings Cross billboard will be used in a fun and cheeky way, with a traditional Coke image edited by a young Australian street artist, with their own artistic spin.

Coca-Cola has also teamed up with Pedestrian TV to help launch its youth focused site 'PEZ'. The timing of the launch of the new site is aligned with the Coke's Epic Summer campaign with Coke running a three month exclusive sponsorship.

Says Marina Rocha, spokeswomen, Coca-Cola Australia: "Coke has become synonymous with summer and every year we continue to evolve our dialogue with our consumers and provide new experiences they can enjoy.

"We know teens will be out and about enjoying the weather in the coming months, so with our latest campaign we hope to inspire them to have an even more epic summer by enjoying  a refreshing ice cold Coke and be in for a chance to win a load of epic prizes."

Ogilvy - creative/ content
UM - media/ connections
Momentum - promotion
Pulse - PR and influencers
One Green Bean - social
Satellite - website
Reprise - SEM/ SEO
Maverick - experiential
Geometry - shopper
Gemba - promotional partnerships


boringas... said:

This is terrible. Just because you use an influencer in your add, doesn't make it any less boring and vacuous.

Nothing To See Here said:

What McCann-Erickson was doing over 20 years ago, but not as good.

new years resolution said:

uploaded to youtube in 360p...?

brave move but it definitely does make the ad a lot better when you can hardly see it.

Red said:

Who fucking swims in their shoes?

Warren said:

This seems like an ad for two peoples Instagram accounts, paid for by a soft drink brand.

killin it said:

It says 'be real ', but there's nothing real about it. Probably the problem with most ads

FFS said:

I just wish coke ads were better. More unique, more own-able, less generic crap.

The client would have said something around wanting to be aspirational… Or that they wanted to own summer... Yeah, cool story Hansel, so does everyone else.

You just briefed in a Corona ad and well, replace the cokes with a coronas and... yeah.
From where I’d rather drink a Pepsi.

Anyway, I guess the coke clients succeeded. I am 100% sure the Ogilvy creatives wanted to make something awesome but coke had other plans.
Sorry guys, we know you’re better than that.

Miffy said:

Why are the codes not going through? I have tried 3 codes all come up not valid.

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