Wieden + Kennedy London fires partner, chief strategy officer and 10-year veteran Paul Colman ~ agency statement cites 'corrective action'

Adweek in the US reports that, this week, Wieden + Kennedy London has fired chief strategy officer Paul Colman (pictured), a global partner who spent more than 10 years with the agency.

"I can confirm that Paul Colman will no longer be working at W+K London," an agency spokesperson told AdWeek.

The representative declined to elaborate on the reasons for Colman's abrupt departure but provided the following statement: "W+K does not tolerate harassment of any kind. If harassment or inappropriate conduct is reported, a timely investigation is conducted, and if a violation is found to have occurred, appropriate corrective action is taken."

"We also do not comment on internal matters," she added.


The irony said:

I make no judgement on Paul Colman’s ‘guilt’, but having publicly crucified him,
I love how the agency then claims they do not comment on internal matters.

Douglas Faudet said:

What disastrous comment from W&K. The reader will link harassment to Coleman. Don’t say “we never comment on internal matters then do so.

Funny said:

that the commenters on this thread care more about how well or poorly agency spokespeople front their company rather than the harrassment at the hand of coleman

Thewholestory said:

This is ridiculous. Those questions have been asked of WK and then linked up by adage to make a story of something that isn’t officially a story. It’s quite easy to ring up and ask what harassment policy is first and then ask about a specific person afterwards. That has been done here. The press have put 2 and 2 together and made 5. Until anything formal has been released this is all ridiculous speculation. As far the harassment at the hand of Colman - this is just speculation still. This is McArthyism and it sucks.

HAHAHA said:

Correction then: You care more about how Wieden's spokespeople handled the PR around the case, rather than the potential harassment at the hands of Coleman.

Does that make your reaction any better?

Also did you know that you can always do your own research?

Here: http://adage.com/article/agency-news/wieden-kennedy-s-paul-colman-hr-complaints/312085/

Plus, there are plenty of ways to find out more about this case without waiting for "formal sources." People who are not male or not white can't afford to sit around waiting for "formal" sources to inform them about which assholes to watch out for.

And McCarthyism, really? Don't be so dramatic.

Character assassination. said:

So what ACTUALLY happened here?

Typical media.

@HAHAHA said:

"People who are not male or not white can't afford to sit around waiting for "formal" sources to inform them about which assholes to watch out for."

And there it is! The "all white men are evil rapists" angle. Give it a fucking break.

"Modern feminism is insane!"
"No! That's just a few lunatics that don't represent feminism! How dare you!"

"Not all men are evil rapists!"
"Yes! ALL MEN! Especially the white ones!"


I never said that all men or all white men are rapists. I was just saying that these issues are far more urgent for people who don't hold power.

You escalating that comment says more about you than about me. Happy day.

timesup said:

Frankly can't believe the people defending the perpetrator here.

I'm a very male very white commenter said:

lots of freaked out dudes reacting poorly to this because they can see that they might be next to be rightly outed and disciplined for being creepy scum.

Geek said:

^this. Check out DietMadisonavenue on Instagram chaps. Then prepare for the Aus version to hit...

totally agree said:

check out dietmadisonavenue.

Be prepared.

And, agree with: Women and people of color can't wait for company officials or 'formal sources' to make sure that people in power (read: in most cases, white men) are held accountable for their actions.

If they could trust the officials to get things right, there would be no need for instagrams like dietmadisonavenue.

@dietmadisonavenue fans said:

What if you're a white male and have also been fucked over by HR and/or demeaned by those in power? Can you play too? What if you've had gross female seniors and clients that get a bit too forward after a couple of chardonnays?

Of course. harrassment is harrassment is harrassment said:

Calling out companies and flaccid HR departments who protect people who abuse their power is good for everyone. And yeah, white brothers benefit too.

PigsInPower said:

#metoo needs to happen in Australia. We know the stories whispered around the office, but everyones too afraid to speak up and have their careers destroyed by the pigs in power in this small industry of white straight 'men' and certain women in power.

Sexual harassment panda said:

Well, if it's happened to you please report it.

Parity said:

I hope that some of the monsters of the Australian advertising and media scene are having difficulty sleeping. I include men and women in positions of power here. I suspect we’ll see quite a bit of fall out this year. Toxic behaviours are rife and flacid HR ‘leaders’ have been complicit. Comments like “they’re the CEO so I can’t do anything about it” will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Little Jack said:

Can think of a few local and locally based dinosaurs who should be shitting themselves

drain the swap said:

also "flaccid HR leaders" is so true across the board.

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