Community spirit + human values highlighted in Westfund's latest campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 6.20.05 am.jpgWestfund's new brand campaign, via DDB Sydney, speaks to community spirit and traditional, human values.

The campaign's beautiful and authentic TVC tells the story of a woman with an illness and the community who rally behind her to help her recover.

Says Matt Banning, CEO, Westfund: "We're not-for-profit, which means we exist purely for the member not for the benefit of shareholders. As a result, everything we do is centred aroung ensuring people in communities have access to affordable and sustainable health insurance.

"We have members, not customers, and treat everyone like they are part of our big extended family. We understand real people and genuinely care about forming personal relationships and trying to help. It was important to show that in our new brand campaign."

Westfund has humble origins in regional Australia. Today, it is a successful not-for-profit private health insurer that has been operating across NSW and QLD for more than 50 years.

DDB managing director strategy and innovation Leif Stromnes said community spirit and human values are evident in everything that Westfund does, so that's exactly what DDB Sydney set out to bottle and deliver in this campaign.

Says Stromnes: "We wanted to shine a light on the role of a health insurer as a smaller part of a bigger, community effort to help someone recover. Refreshingly, Westfund is saying it's not about them - it's about the every day people they support."

Says Michael Barnfield, creative partner, DDB Sydney: "We set out to show Australia just how much caring and community really matter. Westfund offers the same level of care with their health fund as friends and family do when their loved ones need them," he said.

Agency: DDB Sydney
Chief Creative Officer - Ben Welsh
Executive Creative Director - Tara Ford
Creative Partner - Michael Barnfield
Senior Art Director - Jason Woelfl
Senior Account Director - Nick Stenmark
TV Producer - Alyce Guy

Client: Westfund
CEO - Matt Banning
Marketing Manager - Luke Walding
Engagement Manager - Georgie Hinrichsen
Consultant - Dr. Stephen Hollings


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I want to live there.

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Glad to see the culture of mediocrity is still alive and well at DDB.

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Wasn’t Tara brought in to make the work better?

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