Cummins & Partners sells stake in Adelaide agency to Hybrid partners Porcaro and Jackson

CumminsHybrid Group Image 2b (1).jpgCB Exclusive - Further to this morning's CB exclusive, South Australian agency partnership, CumminsHybrid have announced that they have completed an acquisition arrangement which sees Hybrid directors Rob Porcaro (third from left) and Craig Jackson (far left) acquire the Cummin&Partners shareholding in the company and will rebrand the agency as Hybrid.

Hybrid and Cummins&Partners came together in 2016 to deliver a unique model in the Adelaide marketplace, as local and national independent agencies combined in delivering end-to-end creative, media and digital services.

Says Porcaro: "We are delighted to be able to finalise this deal as it was always in our plans that one agency would take the lead position when we first merged".
The acquisition coincides with recent client wins for SA Health, Tonsley, Red Kangaroo Beverages, Electoral Commission and Department of Premier & Cabinet after competitive pitches. And builds on a client base that already includes brands like Motor Accident Commission, Credit Union South Australia, Cancer Council, TIO (Territory Insurance Office/Allianz), SPASA, Prancing Pony Brewery, Tasting Australia and Shiels Jewellers.

Says Sean Cummins: "We loved our time in the market and defied a lot of the naysayers. But no one works better in the South Australian market than South Australians. We wish Hybrid the best of luck and we leave very happy with our time there."

Adds Chris Jeffares (above right), CEO at Cummins&Partners: "This was perfect timing to sell our stake as we continue to consolidate our efforts in Melbourne, Sydney and New York. We are also really excited for the opportunities ahead for Hybrid. Rob and Craig are true entrepreneurs and that was what attracted us to them in the first place. From their growing Service Design capabilities through to their IP and startup incubator in HybridO2, they are really trying to push the boundaries of the industry in Adelaide and we look forward in watching them blaze a trail for South Australian agencies".


JB said:

Cummin&Partners ... what a massive FAIL.
As for Hybrid back to the same old same old same old .... Zzzzzzzzz.

The rise and fall said:

Of the Cummins Empire. New York, Toronto, Adelaide. Let’s hear what kind of spin ‘the king of spin’ comes up with next.

Sean Cummins said:

@Rise and Fall
Well here's what i will come up with first.

Youre a dickhead.

Sorry not even i could find a positive spin for your pathetic little comment.

Clearly you delight in commenting on matters you know nothing about.
Sitting there in your comfy ergonomic chair with your snug lower lumbar suppport you must feel oh so powerful in your laptop empire.

Love to know who you are and what you do. Because clearly you're a success story.

As for us...our business continues to shape and shift. And that's what keeps it fun.

You may think we spin...but we acutaully feel we do a terrible job of PR. Because no matter how straight and honest we are..faultlessly...there will be knobs like you who get to freely and anonynmously comment on our business. Distorting the story and the reality. And if you work at one of our competitors...that's actually illegal. But never mind that...we are happy with our progress and we continue to grow and change as any good business should. If youre waiting for us to fail...i hope your chair is really comfy. It may be a while.

Seam Cummins

Ben said:

At least you had a crack, I'd much rather 'fail' (if that's actually what it was) than do nothing at all.

A nobody said:

Sean Cummins punctuation is amazing.

Seen it before said:

What's wrong with change?
Obviously 'JB' and 'the Rise and Fall' are disconnected from the reality or responsibility of running a business.
It's a business, and a well run business adapts to change.

Dear Sean said:


Don't let it bother you so much mate.

You seem to jump on lots of comments online, as well as things that aren't even digs - you jumped on a Pausefest post, complaining that they wrote c&p instead of Cummins & Partners in Adam F's speaker bio!

You are a hugely successful and influential person in this industry. Many people would look at you and think 'I want to do what he does.' I saw you do a MADC talk a few years ago, it was inspiring. Yet, when it comes to trolls, you let them get under your skin and it detracts from all that.

If you are annoyed about people trying to negatively portray your business, then maybe think whether you coming on here and biting counters or catalyses their cause.

Anyway, f** the haters as they say. They aren't worth your time, and noone with any sense cares what they say.


JB said:

Will the last ad agency to leave SA turn of the lights ... thanks C&P

... said:



Ha said:

They’re know as the joke agency around Adelaide, no one takes them seriously.

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