Cummins&Partners Melbourne reveals newly structured creative leadership panel

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.33.36 am.jpgHot on the heels of the announcement of ex-Leo's Sarah McGregor as creative director, Cummins&Partners has announced its newly formed creative leadership panel.

The new leadership sees Wendy Mace, Heath Collins, Chris Ellis, Luke Wallis and Sarah McGregor at the helm as creative directors with Trent Hendrick and Adam Slater promoted to associate CDs.
Says Sean Cummins, founder, Cummins&Partners: "The last few years we have quietly nurtured a very talented and deep pool of creative people. When I came back to the Melbourne office I saw people who had been in our culture for many years who have really earned the right to take senior roles. There was a creative crew here that showed incredible potential but probably needed the space and the authority to realise that potential.

"The last 6 months have been about identifying the leaders who best understand our culture, our willingness to ignore the creative bandwagons and produce fresh, world-class work that surprises.

"Our clients are excited about this approach and our team has been allocated lead responsibilities on clients.

Says Heath Collins: "To be given the opportunity to influence the work of a big agency with great clients across a bunch of categories is an absolute honour. Exciting times."

Says Mace: "And we have had a string of sensational new business wins. We needed to spread our leadership and our skills.

Says Luke Wallis: "The new leadership structure is an opportunity to re-calibrate the agency - introducing new skills, ideas, experience and personalities to keep C&P on the top of its game and provide new ways of working. We are faster than we have ever been and we demonstrate the hallmarks of Sean's style: Speed and Passion."

The new structure takes effect immediately.


Past Stars said:

Cummins also has a reputation for hiring and quickly firing creative leaders.

Nancy said:

Congratulations Trent Hendrick ACD. Excellent news.

Wrong said:

I think you'll find C&P has got a solid track record of picking the right people for the job, its nowhere near the revolving door that a lot of the other places round these parts are anyway.

Future stars said:

Cummins has a reputation for picking future stars. Watch these people.

Hunger Games said:

Trial by advertising!

Carlton Crew said:

Onya Chris. That place at the table is well deserved.

Jason said:

Any non CDs left in the department?

James said:

It's truly a 'thing' - the Cummins creative culture. Just the right mix of hard-as-f_K, and relentless achievement. And, it impacted my career immeasurably both times I worked there - cheers Sean. So congratulations guys, on what's ahead.

Roy said:

Good one, Chris - well done mate.

Kate Sterling said:

Congrats Wendy, so bloody well deserved.

Likeafox said:

Congratulations Heath! Well deserved.

Nice said:

Squad goals

Watching From Afar said:

Well done Chris! Recognition that is well overdue.

Bevoa said:

Woohoo. All stops to Hendrickstown. Onyaaaaaa Trentman 🤘

Big Fan said:

So good they hired the walking dead guy

Ex Cummins said:

Well done to all of you. You'll do incredibly well.

Riiiight said:

Huge congats Bantam!
Well deserved maaaate!

And the other half of kingbat? said:

Did someone forget Liam?

Walshy said:

Yes cool cat Hendrick! Well deserved legend!!

Kevin said:

Wally still running with the Moe leather jacket. Nice option.

Theodore said:

Some of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. Go team!

??? said:

What happened to Chris’ long term partner Aaron? Surely he at least got made ACD?

Future stars said:

8:02 and 7:06, who are clearly the same person, do you really think it’s generous or helpful to call people out by name who didn’t get promoted? None of us know the full story - for all you know they didn’t want to do it. At the end of the day it’s none of anyone’s business but theirs. And unless they asked you to write something on here, you’re being a bit of a prick.

ECD watching from afar said:

Well done, Chris. And well overdue.

Ringarosie said:

Congrats Wendy! You are awesome and deserve it.

. said:

8.02 loves 7.06

7.47AM, you need to back off.

What will happen next?

TK said:

So. Much. Talent.

Congrats all! Look forward to seeing more great creative in 2018.

Randy Bone said:

Well done to the team!

I’m having a beer to celebrate because it’s midnight there.


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