KFC launches custom rings to help fans celebrate their wingmen in new work via Ogilvy Sydney

KFC Wing Ring 1 (1).jpgOgilvy Sydney recently helped KFC put its own unique spin on Valentine's Day this year with a campaign via Ogilvy Sydney, encouraging fans to instead celebrate their wingmen by presenting them with a limited edition 'wing ring'.
Lucky fans applied to win a pair of 'wing rings' by commenting on a Facebook post and demonstrating why they and their wingman deserved to wear them as a symbol of their bond.

KFC Wing Ring 2 (1).jpgIn less than 24 hours, the Facebook post attracted over 2,000 entries as fans shared stories, photos, poems, and even a marriage proposal, in a bid to win the coveted rings.
Says Angela Richards, CMO, KFC Australia: "We're all about grabbing life by the horns at KFC - and quite often, the ones that give you that little push to say yes and jump into to make the most of the moment, are your closest friends. Your wingmen.
"So we thought, rather than celebrating the romantics, we'd give a big 'bling ring' thumbs up to the 'other' Valentine. A wingman is the unsung hero in a friendship, so we thought it was about time we recognised their hard work and dedication to being a wingman."
Says Alex Watts, head of social, Ogilvy Australia: "KFC has the best fans in Australia - a legion of wingmen who have built an unparalled community around an awesome brand. With the wing ring, we gave those fans a way to wear their pride - and celebrate the wingman in their lives - and the response has been incredible. Here's to the wingmen!"


Ronald said:

Mc Rip Off. Next

Sarah said:

How can i get this ring and how much

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How could they have copied it, it came out the same time?

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r/FellowKids anyone?

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and take my money

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