Lord of the Fries pays homage to its hip-hop roots in 'damn' good poster work via Milkman

17.jpgCreative digital agency, Milkman, has helped bring Lord of the Fries hip-hop roots to life in a series of art poster adverts, celebrating two of its favourite hip-hop artists, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar, recreating their latest album covers with an LOTF vibe.

DAMN Good Fries and The Life of Potato pay their respects to LOTF's favourite award winning albums of 2017. The creative can be seen in outdoor rock poster format across the country in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.


Killed the Vibe said:

Ugh borrowed interest in the worst way.

Vibe said:

Don't hate.

I like.

Legal department said:

Great - until they get sued.

Lawyer said:

Knock knock. I hope you have deep wallets.

Account Circus said:

Hey haters - come on. This is excellent student work.

Vibe said:

It's called parody law you idiots.

Fun Police said:

Decent but you'll have a lawsuit on your hands.

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