Marcel Sydney adds seven to creative department

Marcel Creative Hires_Feb 18-web.jpgMarcel Sydney has announced the newest members of its creative department. The new faces include senior team, Scott Maggs & Alexander Haack (aka 'The Cavemen™'), creatives Lucy Ochoapetit & Aisling (Ash) Dowling, Grace O'Brien & Andrea Sarcullo, and Head of Digital Design, Demian Hamann.
They join the rest of the creative department lead by Wesley Hawes and Scott Huebscher, and creative chairman David Nobay.

The hires come off a strong showing at international award shows in 2017, and a growing scope of work from existing clients and several assignments from new clients.
Says Hawes: "Someone much wiser than me once said that 'interesting people make interesting things', and that's been our philosophy putting together the new creative collective. We've got a neuro scientist, a fashion entrepreneur, an industrial designer, a charity ambassador and Demian."
Adds Huebscher: "Our agency mantra is to 'make things that change things'. We've definitely got the right people in to do that. They are all talented, not serial killers, and there are no egos. We all pitch in to help each other make the work the best it can be. It really is a creative collective, as opposed to the more rigid creative department structure."


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Nobby's Newbies.

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A lot of talented people in that room.

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Winning awards always is the best reason to hire people

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large soy latte thanks guys

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Now all they need are some clients other than Tiger beer and they might have an agency.

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a person that writes promotional material trademarking their name. um

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Hay Alex...

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These comments are as carefully curated as the department

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