Maxibon celebrates its 18th birthday with newly launched 'Bonforce' campaign via Deepend

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 6.46.01 am.jpgIndependent digital marketing and communications agency Deepend and Peters are set to drive more 'Maxi' bonding in 2018, with the launch of a new creative campaign for Maxibon that will see the iconic ice cream celebrate its 18th birthday with loyalists throughout the year.

Building on the success of the 2017 "Never Smash Alone" campaign, which resulted in a stellar 34 per cent uplift in convenience purchases, this year's strategy will push Maxibon's theme of mateship one step further with the creation of the Bonforce - an elite squad dedicated to enforcing 'Maxi' bonding.

Hien Pham, head of social at Deepend, said the campaign will come to life across snackable social and digital content, engaging activations and a raft of partnership activity, and is rooted in two key insights.

Says Pham: "Looking at our audience and their consumption habits across products and media, we identified a couple of fundamental points we could anchor our approach in - one being that ridiculous is the new funny, and the other being that late night snacking is on the rise for Maxibon's core consumers - young males, aged 18-24.

"This snacking moment presented an opportune occasion for Maxibon to intercept and celebrate, but we wanted to do this in a way that would connect with loyal fans. Over its 18 years, Maxibon has established a cult-like following, and we believe the Bonforce provides a strategic platform for the brand to further own male bonding and create 'Maxi' bonding moments for our audience."

Andrew Isaac, creative director at Deepend, said the Bonforce are larger-than-life, buddy-cop style ice cream enforcers, bent on teaching the world the rules around ethical 'Bon smashing, and will feature in campaign activity across the year.

Says Isaac: "Our creative sees the extreme police parodies contrast with our hero Billy, and his mundane, real-world life. Billy must overcome his failings of turning down a midnight 'Bon smash on his 18th birthday, and with the intervention of the Bonforce ensure his mates don't make the same mistake. It's going to be a wild ride."

Alicia Munday, head of marketing at Peters Ice Cream, said the team is excited about the year ahead and the evolution in direction for Maxibon.

Says Munday: "Maxibon's 18th birthday is the perfect time for mates to come together and smash a 'Bon. The Bonforce creates an entertaining, engaging platform from which we can celebrate Maxibon's milestone with our ice cream lovers and provide them with some fun as a thank you for being so loyal."

Client: Peters Ice Cream
Marketing & Sales Director: Emma Jane Collins
Head of Marketing : Alicia Munday
Marketing Manager: Cuong Lam
Senior Brand Manager: Carla Spadafora
Agency: Deepend
Account Director: Guy Munro
Head of Social: Hien Pham
Creative Director: Andrew Isaac
Producer: Tiffany Schrauwen
Production House: The HOP
Producer: Beth Wallis
DOP: Cathal Ceaney


qt3.14 said:

What just happened...?

The Gooch said:

'Maxibon' sounds like a specific tampon for heavy flows.

Wow said:

That was really bad.

'You Never Smash Alone' said:

Hoo boy, did Meat and Livestock Australia just loan their slogan out for a day?

Huh said:

Wow. Really really bad....

Stopwatch said:

15, 30, 60, 90, or longer ... who the s**t makes a 20 second?

It's only Feb, but... said:

Is this comparing eating a Maxibon to taking ice?
Or some Orwellian view of ice cream eaters?
Or are we trying to fuse Policy Academy 5 into a 20 sec ad?

This has to be nonsense of the year.

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