Ogilvy Sydney promotes Jenny Mak to CD role

Derek_GREEN-and_Jenny_MAK.jpgAward-winning creative Jenny Mak has been promoted to the role of Creative Director, Ogilvy Sydney working alongside the agency's 40-strong creative team.

Mak joined Ogilvy five years ago initially as senior copywriter and then Associate CD.

ECD Derek Green (pictured with Mak) said Mak's promotion was a no-brainer: "She's an absolute pleasure to work with, she's made a major impact on all of our clients' brands with a great balance of hard-working campaigns and cutting edge work," he said.

At Ogilvy, Mak has created work for some of the world's most famous brands including Coca-Cola, Huggies, and KFC to name a few. Her work has also been awarded both locally and internationally at Cannes, Effies, New York Festivals, Spikes, One Show and AWARD.
Says Mak: "I couldn't be more excited to help drive the creative vision for the office and to help bring brilliant ideas to life. Being part of the Ogilvy family means being part of a world-class team and I'm looking forward to contributing to the success of the network."


DPL said:

Congratulations Jenny Mak and well done Derek. Talent and class, Mrs Mak.

Chingy said:

Heeeuuuuge congrats, J-Mak. Thoroughly deserved. Though your best 'cutting edge work' was always done on Friday arvos, on my head.

Shwing said:

nice one J-Mak!

JB said:

Woo :)

Well done said:

Talented, decent and humble. Thats what we need more of in the industy!!! Gone are the days of beer drinking with the right on Friday afternoons being considered a talent that gets you promoted.

iMan said:

Congratulations J Mak! One of the truely talented individuals who has earnt the CD title through genuine hard work, demonstrated talent and perseverance.

Leezy said:

Congratulations, Jenny x

Rat Fan said:

Congratulations you wonderful and talented lady! So well deserved. X

Dutch said:

DILLON!!! You son of a ...

Seamus said:

Congrats J-mak! Well deserved! Always good to see hard work pay off!

Also JB said:

Awesome stuff Jmak. Gurghnr

Company CEO said:

Cream always rises to the top! Congrats to Ogilvy for recognising your talent, team spirit, sheer hard work and client skills. You will be an inspiration to other talented women as clients and agencies recognise the benefits of gender balance in senior advertising ranks.

Wiillsssson!! said:

Such great news. J Mak is awesome!

Rhonda said:

Congratulations J Mak!

Pauly D said:

What a superstar! Well deserved JMak!

Dave w said:

Congrats legend

Proud Mom said:

So proud. So deserved. Congrats JMak.

Rosie said:

Congrats JMak!! Just look at you go weasel, well deserved!!

Wellison said:

Well done legend!

Lost cities of gold said:

Awesome news JMak. No one deserves it more.

KW said:

Congrats JMak. Should have happened ages ago.

Time said:

Good move Ogilvy. Talent and hard work get's you the CD title. Drinking beers with the right people during sneaky lunches gets you invited to parties and the odd high five.

@Time said:

My hairdresser calls himself a CD these days so you're wrong, talent and hard work don't "get's" you shit.

It's just a title, and she's probably been doing the role for years.

Well done on the recognition.

Slay said:

Fabulous news for a fabulous lady.

Chaz said:

Gooooooo JMak!!!!

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